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Hunting guns still common among rurals

By: Shukria Kohistani

Afghanistan is an agricultural country and traditionally the rural inhabitants use shooting guns. According to these inhabitants summer season is the time of birds hunting and people use these guns often.
Talking on shooting guns, Ustad Habib a resident of Kapisa province said, using of hunting rifles is one of our traditions and our people use them in hunting season. Also during wedding, engagement, circumcision parties people use them and shoot into the air as symbol of pleasure. Under this conditions that we have been used to, in which war and insecurity is going on , in some parts people don’t use hunting guns. In order to present hunting of birds, the government should not allow people to use these guns.
According to available reports, every year hunting guns with a cost of over US $7 million are imported into Afghanistan. Based on the report of C.S.O, in the first six months of current 1398 solar year hunting guns with a cost of $ 2.5m have been imported into Afghanistan from Turkey, Russia, Italy, Slovakia, China, Iran and Pakistan.
Spokesman of the MoF Shamrozkhan Masjedi said, government collect 16pc taxes from import of these guns.
Latif market located in Kabul Mandawi area is one of the biggest selling centers of hunting guns in Afghanistan in which tens biggest importer companies have branches. Each gun is sold US $100-1000. These guns are similar to military rifles that fire ten consecutive cartridges.
Despite reluctance of gun sellers for talking to media on their business everyday tens customers attend these gun shops.
At the same times, according to the MoCI, those trading companies who hold imports-exports permit, allowed to import guns as at present over 8480 business permits have been issued. Economist Erej Faqiri said, imports-exports of weapons and similar goods require a precise and transparent framework in order to secure national interests beside personal interests. Due to our open and uncontrolled borders, tens of unnecessary items are illegally imported and jeopardize our people life. The Afghan government should prevent smuggling of low quality goods including guns.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.