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Hundreds of thousands of tourists visited historical sites of Bamyan in past six months

BAMYAN: More than 115,000 tourists including foreign and domestic tourists have visited historical sites and places of the country’s central province of Bamyan during the past six months, the provincial Information and Culture Department said in a statement the other day. “Bamyan is home to historic and naturally unique tourism attractions and thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit this province every year, creating employment opportunities for thousands of local residents,” the statement said, adding the first six months of the year is the most suitable time for visiting touristic attractions in the province and this industry has created nearly six thousand job opportunities for the local people. The local residents sell their handicrafts to visitors and some other residents provide tourists with transportation and accommodation services, the statement quoted. Meanwhile, Najibullah, a resident of Kabul who arrived in Bamyan to visit touristic attractions, said the purpose of his trip was to get rid of daily chores and find peace of mind. “My two-day trip costs me about 4,000 Afghani and I spent this money on transport fare, food and purchasing local handicrafts,” the statement quoted him as saying. Mahmood, a taxi driver on the Bande-Amir-Bamyan road, said he has been in this business for three years to meet his family’s expenses. He charges 2,000 Afghani for a two-way trip to Band-eAmir and saves 1,200 Afghani. Sayed Zaman, ticket seller and contractor at the Band-eAmir gate, said 115,761 tourists visited the Band-e-Amir National Park during the first six months of the current solar year. “Tourism season in Bamyan usually lasts about five months and the development of the tourism industry needs much work and huge investment, we hope officials will pay more attention to this sector,” the statement quoted Zaman as saying. Sayed Abdal Sajjadi, a tourism lecturer at Bamyan University said, good security, unique tourist attractions and historic sites attracted tourists to the province. Sajjadi believes for the development of the tourism industry, short-term training courses and hiring professionals to manage and promote tourism affairs are needed, saying through a scientific and dynamic strategy, this industry can prosper in Bamyan province. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.