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Hundreds of school buildings reconstructed in Helmand

LASHKARGAH: As many as 120 school buildings worth 94 million Afghani (some 1.3 million U.S. dollars) have been repaired in the country’s southern province of Helmand within the past months of the current solar year, the provincial Education Department said in a statement the other day. The school buildings have been reconstructed and renovated in 19 districts in the 1402 solar year with financial support of the Ministry of Education and some donors, the statement said. Some students complained that the shortage of books and teachers had disrupted the education process. Shah Wali, a student of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan High School in Lashkargah city, said the lack of textbooks has crippled their learning process. He said students from poor families could not buy books and stationery. Mohammad Ashraf, a resident of Marja district and a 12th-grade student, said: “The Department of Education should solve the problem of shortage of teachers and books. Many schools in all provinces are without buildings and are struggling with a shortage of teachers and textbooks. This is clear to everyone that education is an essential part of every child’s development as knowledge and skills are needed to stimulate a better future with more opportunities. Providing high-quality education to vulnerable communities unfortunately seems to be challenging. Education provides the new generations access to a high-quality educational system and stimulates the development of a country. Opportunities and improvements in social and economic aspects will be shaped. The role of education is acknowledged as an essential investment since it reduces poverty, boosts economic growth, increases the GDP of a country, creates employment opportunities, and improves overall health. Still, multiple countries lack the basis for a decent education, such as school buildings, skilled teachers, and good infrastructure. Every problem must be solved at its root. Building success means eliminating dissonant factors layer by layer. Schools are damaged because of the extreme weather conditions. The youth who deserve a chance to succeed through education are being deprived of it by the changing climate. Explosive sunshine, heat and heavy rains are preventing the children from participating. Rohullah Hamid

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.