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Hundreds of projects implemented in villages to address people’s problems

Ministry of Rehabilitation and Rural Development (MRRD) says that within four years, this ministry executed development projects in a balanced way in various sections but lays emphasize that to remove people’s problems in villages, this ministry has another projects in its hand as well.
Minister of Rehabilitation and Rural Development, Mujiburrahman Karimi in a briefing with journalists said that within recent four years this ministry executed hundreds development projects in 34 provinces to remove the problems of villagers and also begins new projects.
He said that including people’s solidarity programs, now, work on 5941 projects are going on that from among them, we execute 544 projects in current year, especially in the sector of female and villages economic growth, we gained $100 millions from International Bank.
This program would be implemented within next five years, Karimi stated.
He continued that the program of villages economic growth that has been designed in 1394 solar year and with its implementation in the provinces of Parwan, Bamian, Herat, balkh and Nangarhar working opportunities have been established for 140000 unemployed in the sector of macro-entrepreneurs and now are implementing in 34 provinces.
Based on information of MRRD, only in 1397 solar year in the sector of site coordination program in 48 projects worth $ 52 million have been spent, in road construction sector 114 projects worth $ 46 million, and other 380 projects worth $ 782 million have been completed.
This ministry also said that within previous four years in the sector of water supply system, citizenship agreement, site coordination, road construction and bridge and small bridge are made as a result of efforts of this ministry and added these programs affected in people’s life and borne positive results for villagers.
At the same time, the economic experts criticizing from implementation of the projects and say that the projects didn’t implemented as basically.
One of the experts of economy, Sayed Qeyas Sayeedi in the connection said that unfortunately, the MRRD always surrendered the working programs to those who were not professional.
In development councils, there are some financial and administrative corruption.
These councils have some dealings with engineers concerned and built the projects in places that are not constant.
He demanded from MRRD to explain to people about effectiveness of the projects.
He added that the projects should seriously be supervised and those who embezzle money should be introduced to the court. But the people who live in the villages say that within recent years enormous projects have been implemented by government and responsible institutions in a number of provinces of the country that provided more facilities for people in the villages. They demanded from government to pay serious attention in construction of water dams, transportation roads, construction of health centers, bridges and small bridges and in construction of these projects, quality also should be considered.

Shukria Kohistani

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