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Hundreds of destitute Afghans receive aids from Turkish organization

KABUL: As many as one thousand needy families in Kabul province received edible items from the Turkish organization (IHH) Humanitarian Relief Foundation. Head of the Turkish humanitarian aid organization IHH, said that Turkish citizens and businessmen have donated the aids to the poor residents of Afghanistan.
“This aid was provided so that Afghans could stand on their own. Agriculture accounts for 70% of Afghanistan’s economy, and we focus most of our efforts there, particularly on women and orphans,” said IHH Country Director, Mücahit Kýlýç.
“The truly deserving should receive priority, and my second recommendation to the charitable organizations is to not expose the identities of the people who are being aided,” said Mujeeb Rahman, the head of a charitable foundation.
Gulnar, 45, a recipient of food aid from the organization, said that she lost her husband and two of her children in a suicide attack one year ago. She now lives with her other six children and is in a difficult financial situation, Tolownews tv quoted.
“I sent my mother, my son and my daughter to Badakhshan province. I told them that I can’t provide them food,” Gulnar said.
Like Gulnar, some other families in the country said that they are suffering economic challenges and asked the Islamic Emirate and aid agencies to provide them assistance.
“We ask the government to provide employment opportunities for poor and destitute families, so the people’s problems solved, because people are facing many challenges,” said Nabila, a destitute woman. “My little children are at home, I have nothing left at home,” said Sediqa, a destitute woman.
According to IHH representatives, the organization has so far assisted 5,000 Afghan families.
IHH said Ankara has several plans to help the Afghan people, including assisting farmers in several Afghan areas with their agricultural needs.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.