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Humiliating failure of UN in holding Doha meeting

The two-day Doha meeting on Afghanistan held and hosted by the United Nations indicated the weakness and failure of the organization. Although the failure of the United Nations to resolve and address global challenges and conflicts is expected, the United Nation’s failure about Afghanistan in to hold such a meeting where the Secretary-General of the United Nations attended and delivered a speech was considered a double and humiliating failure for the organization. 1. The United Nations postponed the holding of the meeting several times to convince the Islamic Emirate to attend the meeting after Special Coordinator of the United Nations for Afghanistan, Feridun Hadi Sinirlioðlu, submitted a report to the Security Council of the organization in February of the past year. However, eventually, the United Nations held the meeting in the absence of the Islamic Emirate with no success. 2. The agenda of the meeting didn’t proceed according to the United Nations plan arranged already for the meeting. It was planned that the United Nations’ deputy secretary-general would meet and negotiate with the Islamic Emirate’s delegation on the second, who were supposed to attend the meeting. Obviously, such a meeting didn’t take place as the delegation from Kabul didn’t attend, and undoubtedly, the United Nations’ deputy secretary-general indeed felt a sense of “dishonor.” 1. The primary and essential goal of the two-day Doha meeting, as perceived by the United Nations and with the presence of its Secretary-General, was to appoint the Special Representative of this organization for Afghanistan, as mandated by previous resolutions of the Security Council of the organization. However, the appointment of the representative, which faced opposition from the Islamic Emirate from the outset, didn’t happen at the meeting. The United Nations’ failure to appoint a Special Representative despite the absence of the representatives from Kabul blatantly exposed the inefficiency and incapability of the organization. It indicated that the United Nations even fears the shadow of the Islamic Emirate and can’t make a decision on very fundamental matters, such as appointing its representative without the agreement and consent of the Islamic Emirate in their absence. 1. If the two-day Doha meeting, attended by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, were to be viewed and evaluated as an effort by the United Nations to create harmony and coordination among the participants in the meeting consisting of 25 countries and various international organizations regarding Afghanistan, the failure of the meeting and the United Nations in this regard became very evident and humiliating. The participants in the meeting didn’t have a coordinated and harmonious perspective and policy with the United Nations, and countries such as Russia, Iran, and China openly opposed the decisions of the United Nations, particularly regarding the appointment of a specific representative, which was mandated by the resolutions of the Security Council of the organization. This opposition led to the failure of the organization to appoint a representative at this meeting. Even the Russian delegation refused to meet with several individuals that the United Nations had brought to this meeting under the name of members of Afghan civil society. 1. The United Nations and many Western representatives and diplomats in the meeting were trying to convey to reporters that the absence of the Islamic Emirate’s delegation at the meeting was their mistake and would lead to their isolation in the international community. However, contrary to this interpretation and takeaway by the United Nations and Western diplomats, the failure of the United Nations in the meeting and the discord among the participating countries actually reinforced the Islamic Emirate’s belief in the correctness of their decision and their insistence on meeting their demands, which the United Nations couldn’t decide against despite their agreement. 1. The unsuccessful twoday United Nations meeting in Doha on Afghanistan showed that any hope or expectation from the United Nations to address the challenges and issues in Afghanistan is futile and baseless. Therefore, the absence of representatives from the Islamic Emirate in the Doha meeting diminished its importance and value, preventing the organization from reaching a result and operating as a problem-solving organization. The absence of representatives from the Islamic Emirate in the meeting demonstrated that Afghanistan is an independent and free country and is not under the political pressure of any organization or country; instead, it decides and acts on its own. Mustafa Hashimi

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