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Humanitarian aid to Afghanistan may reduce due to reduction in budget, UN

The United Nations (UN) has warned of the possible reduction in aid to the people of Afghanistan. Currently, the UN is delivering aid to 38 percent of the country’s population, but with reduction in budget, the aid might reduce by 8 percent.
This comes amid increasing of poverty in Afghanistan. If aid gets reduced, the people of Afghanistan will face more poverty and economic problems. Lack of employment and low access of people to sufficient food are both the challenges facing the country’s people for the past few years.
The UN should make effort to find budget rather than to leave the people of Afghanistan in such difficult circumstances. The country’s people are hopeful of the UN’s further efforts towards absorption of aid for Afghanistan.
The humanitarian needs rate is unprecedentedly high as millions of women, men, and children are facing poverty and some have no food to eat. They need continued support and aid so that they can provide food for their children most of whom are facing with acute malnutrition.
Meanwhile, a number of economists believe that humanitarian aid cannot cut down the poverty rate in the country. They suggest that employment opportunities should be created for the people so that they can work and make money.
According to the Afghan economists, it is necessary that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan should have long-term plans to implement programs and economic strategies in the country so that the private sector can invest by launching manufacturing companies in various parts of the country, where short and long-term employment can be created for the people to work.
The Russian attack on Ukraine has affected food security across the world, particularly in the third countries such as Afghanistan. Those countries that depend on imports will somehow witness the negative impacts of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Therefore, the UN’s particular attention to Afghanistan is necessary. This comes after the UN in its recent report has warned that Afghanistan’s nearly 20 million people are facing with serious hunger following the economic crisis and drought in the country.
Nevertheless, the Afghanistan Ministry of Economy says the reduction in aid provided by the international community and international organizations to Afghanistan will put negative impacts on the country’s economic situation. The ministry is making effort to somehow convince the international community, particularly the UN not to cut down their aid to Afghanistan.
According to the ministry and officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), the international community and international relevant organizations should play their human responsibility toward the people of Afghanistan facing with increasing poverty and hunger.
The ministry of economy has also said that it has created a monitoring committee to monitor humanitarian aid being distributed in Kabul and other provinces of the country, adding that the committee is aimed that humanitarian aid should be distributed to needy people in a transparent way.

It is worth mentioning that in recent months a large number of aid agencies have distributed food and non-food stuffs to the people in different parts of the country, but such aid has not put any positive impact on the life of people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.