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HPC insisting on government stance in peace talks

As a number of regional countries are speaking of peace talks for ending war in Afghanistan, High Peace Council (HPC) has once again insisted on position of Afghanistan government towards peace talks, saying that peace talks with the Taliban group should be owned and led by Afghans, or the talks won’t be effective.
A spokesperson to High Peace Council Sayed Ihsan Tahiri while welcoming cooperation of any countries in acceleration of building of trust and providing pavement for peace process said the principal issue was that peace meetings could pave the way for direct talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group, adding no organizations or countries could decide on Afghanistan issues.
“It is not important where peace talks are held, but the important issue is the direct talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group,” Tahiri said, adding it is perceivable that all countries including China, India, Pakistan, Russia and US should take part in finding a way for solution, ending bloodshed and war in Afghanistan.
But, Afghan political experts believe that any mechanisms suggested by foreign countries involved in Afghanistan issue in connection with peace talks are approved by Afghanistan government, saying no regional and far regional mechanism can replace the intra-Afghani dialogues; therefore, such processes that are accepted by Afghanistan government will have its position in foreign policy of the government.
Recent remarks of HPC officials have come amid reports saying that Taliban has rejected direct talks with Afghanistan government; therefore, Jeddah peace talks have been cancelled.
Afghanistan High Peace Council, on other hand, has insisted on direct talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group. A week ago, Lower House of parliament in a statement said peace talks in absence of Afghanistan government could pave the way for other problems in the country.
Regional countries have their own concerns over deterioration of security situation in Afghanistan as peace, stability and regional security as well as continued cooperation of the regional countries are considered as key issues. But, a number of neighboring countries of Afghanistan should review on their policies so that Afghanistan reaches peace and stability. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan should stop supporting terrorist groups in particular Taliban, convince the Taliban group to get ready for direct talks with Afghanistan government. If the Taliban group shows readiness for direct talks with Afghanistan government, peace talks will have positive results and can help end the ongoing war in the country.
Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.