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How to strengthen our press and languages?

The Islamic Emirate has to strengthen its press and languages and this is why the Ministry of Information and Culture initiated a three-day scientific seminar. In addition to a number of high-ranking officials of the Islamic Emirate, representatives from the provincial departments of Information and Culture, university professors, some members of the Academy of Sciences and journalists participated in the ceremony. At the end of this seminar, the opinions of the participants were collected for final decisions to be made for establishing relations between languages and media and in the way of coordination and development. The media, which has the status of a communication bridge between the people and the government, should not be influenced by others. They should carry out their media mission honestly and be committed to their country and nation. On the other, they should avoid creating a distance between the government and the people and do not incite hatred by referring to others. We should strengthen our languages and in this regard, our academic figures and the Academy of Sciences, which is a reliable authority at the country level, should fulfill their responsibility well and hesitate no efforts for the strengthening of our languages. Whenever we ask about the language, we talk about the mother tongue spoken in Afghan society. Also, the motherland is given the status of the mother in our society, and by connecting with the name of this mother, you have seen that Afghans fought against the eastern and western armed forces for the freedom of their dear and beloved homeland. We gave millions of martyrs, who finally took the honor of defeating three great empires in a century. Afghanistan is a country with multi-language tribes who are living like friends and brothers and want their Islamic system to look at them as a single nation and help them grow and popularize their native tongues. Under the rule of the Islamic Emirate, this feeling should be strengthened and every possible ways should be practically used as well as the series of such training seminars should be extended to strengthen the country’s press and languages.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.