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How long should be grateful to others?

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The prosperity of the country depends on our own sincerity, honesty and efforts and we are the ones who can build our homeland with the stones and clay of honesty and truth and free ourselves from challenges, problems and dependence of others. The nations of the world have all worked hard from dawn to dusk to improve their home and country and free themselves from the burden of others. Self-esteem and self-respect save nations from humiliation and give value, dignity and greatness to humans. People who do not rely on their powerful arms and just seek others’ support and expectations from others will never be able to get rid of humiliation, but those who use their own capable arms to work hard and support their nations will achieve happiness and prosperity in the world. The nations that today talk about being a superpower, developed and prosperous, have tied their backs for the progress of their country and have successfully crossed the ups and downs of their lives and appeared as the most nations of dignity in the world. So, if we want to reach happiness, good luck and progress, we must stop expecting and greed from foreigners and prepare ourselves for the progress of our country and take the path of honest and compassionate service. It is clear that when we move with the weapon of honesty and sincerity, Allah Almighty will bless our work and prosper all our affairs and we will be able to handle our affairs with high motivation and great feeling and will not get bored and depressed about our daily affairs. Because honesty itself gives people feelings and motivation and relieves fatigue. Another issue is how long should we be under the burden of others and especially should our greed extend towards the world of infidelity and westerners? This is the work of the malicious powers of the world who introduce us needy and humiliated nations and want us to be in need of them forever and in this way, they overshadow our economic, political and military independence and whatever they want, they do and finally accept their evil goals on us. We should no longer be a needy nation and after this, by using Islamic methods, we should boost our economy and strengthen our independent and powerful politics and system and preserve it forever. The way and method that the Islamic Emirate has considered for the economy, trade, politics and system is completely Islamic and admirable and this process should continue and we should make a bright and better tomorrow for our country and nation as well as for the next generation.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.