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Host countries should respect immigration law, rights of refugees

Tawfiqullah Fani

During the Cold War, the provisions of the Geneva Convention were always used as a factor of severe pressure on the former communist countries. By launching a wide-scale psychological, propaganda war and providing better living conditions and facilities, the West prepared the ground for the escape of hundreds of thousands of experts and scientists from socialist societies under the provisions of this convention, which later became known as “extra-brains”. Western societies used to obtain great knowledge and expertise without accepting costs and expenses, and on the other hand, eastern countries were deprived of access to that knowledge and expertise that they had reached with huge costs. It should be noted that if the migration phenomenon is properly led and managed, it is an opportunity that brings many benefits to the countries. The recent reports of some organizations such as the United Nations show that the migration phenomenon has advantages and benefits for both the source and host countries, the most important of which are as follows: Countries that need labour and technical workers can meet their needs by accepting immigrants or inviting technical workers from other nations. -The host countries are enriched in terms of cultural diversity. – Population management, if the birth rate in the country is low, the population is managed by accepting immigrants. – As a result of the work, the workers with lower wages, the economic growth is stable and tax payments are made to the host countries. -Intellectual innovation and fresh energy are offered to the labour market and society. -Cultural relations are established with other countries and different nations. – By accepting immigrants, elites are attracted. -The host country gets cheap manpower. – Experiences and knowledge are exchanged. – Migration causes the merging and intermarriage of cultures. – Immigrants increase mutual tolerance and create peace and understanding between the host country and the country of origin. Immigration for the purpose of education gives credit to institutions and universities. – filling the empty space of human power and causes the marriage of genes and races. Immigration brings opportunities for the country of origin, the most important of which are the following: – Creates intellectual innovation and new energy to the labour market and society after returning. – Immigration leads to cultural relations with other countries and nations. – Immigration brings money capital. – It provides fields for the exchange of experiences and knowledge. – Creates the field of peace and understanding. Migration leads to the management of surplus labour and the acquisition of skills and training in scientific fields. The above topic expresses the fact that migration is a phenomenon that benefits both the source and host countries and immigrants are not an imposed force for the host countries. This is while our two neighbouring countries, in order to obtain cheap labour from among the refugees, turned most of their ruins into gardens and gardens and ruins into settlements and cities. They deposited a huge amount of money from the capital and assets of the immigrants to their coffers under the pretext of taxes, taxes, rent, fines, etc. But unfortunately, these countries have not treated the refugees properly for some time and they never stop harassing them. Ignoring the immigration law and the rights of neighbours, they have made all kinds of violence against the refugees and forced them to migrate. Today, there is a serious need for the Islamic Emirate to prevent the flight of manpower and the illegal migration of young people to other countries by undertaking effective employment and entrepreneurship programs. It will continue to welcome the returnees in a better way and provide more facilities for their resettlement and the wellbeing of their lives. End

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.