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Host countries should distinguish between lawbreakers and innocent migrants

Following a stabbing incident in which, a German police officer killed by an Afghan citizen in Mannheim, the host country’s government has decided to oust a wide number of those, it said dangerous criminals and send them to their country, still living in that country. After the deadly incident, the German Chancellor has said that Germany has started negotiations with the Afghanistan neighbors about implementing the deportation of Afghan migrants. “The Ministry of Interior is striving to facilitate the deportation of dangerous criminals to Afghanistan and the ministry is currently negotiating with Afghanistan’s neighboring countries regarding the practical implementation of this matter. We will also no longer tolerate the celebration of terrorist cries,” Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor said adding that the presence of these individuals in Germany threatens the security of and stability the country. The incident happened during a demonstration organized by an anti-Islamic movement in Mannheim, southeast Germany, when an Afghan national, using a knife injured several people including a police officer who later succumbed to his injuries in hospital. In reaction to the decision made by Germany to deport a wide number of Afghans whom the hosting country labeled criminals, the Islamic Emirate’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked the host country not to deport Afghan migrants, under the sensitive conditions. The ministry urged Germany to resolve any arising challenges through consular channels and hoped that the two countries could manage the issue diplomatically to ensure the rights of citizens so that Afghan migrants do not face an uncertain fate for any reason. All countries should abide by the laws, supporting the migrants’ rights and respect all immigration laws and conventions. On the other hand, as the spokesman of the country’s Ministry of Foreign stated, the issues should be investigated and resolved through the consular channels, the only source that could address many arising bilateral issues. The hosting countries should also distinguish between the lawbreakers and those innocent in order to protect their rights and bring the offenders to law, not resort to the massive expelling of the migrants which would violate the legal migration law. Although, Afghanistan which has gained an Islamic Shariabased system through the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate nearly two years ago, is not still recognized by Germany, but this does not mean that the Islamic system supports or defends any lawbreakers in the hosting countries. So, as a legal government, Germany should step up towards ensuring both issues; supporting innocents and punishing the offenders.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.