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Hospitals to be provided with advanced medical equipments, Hanafi

KABUL: The Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, said that efforts are underway to equip hospitals with advanced medical facilities along with hiring qualified doctors. Mawlavi Hanafi made the remarks in a meeting with the representatives and specialists of Ariana Medical Complex, Amiri Medical Complex and French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children (FMIC), his office said in a statement on Tuesday. The Head of the Ariana Medical Complex, Dr. Abdul Wahid Sediqi shared information about the activities, functions and programs of the hospitals and said that his-led hospital provides services to patients with specialist doctors, according to the statement. “Due to the lack of advanced medical equipment and facilities in the hospital, some patients are not treated and if the necessary facilities are provided, there is no need for patients to travel and take capital out of the country and they will be treated inside the country,” the statement quoted Dr. Sediqi as saying.

Dr. Sediqi also asked the Islamic Emirate to pay special attention to the health sector, especially in the field of training of specialist doctors, providing standard medical equipment and developing health facilities in the country. Calling health services one of the basic needs of the people and the basic obligations of the IslamJALALABAD: A huge amount of drugs have been discovered and seized and 23 individuals arrested in the country’s eastern province of Nangarhar, the provincial police office said in a statement on Tuesday. During a series of counternarcotics operations by the provincial anti-drugs police personnel, more than 2,390 kilograms of hashish and 40 kilograms of drugs have been discovered and seized and 23 individuals arrested in connection with the case, the statement said. Also, one Ak-47 and thousands of various types of tablets have been seized from the Huge amount of narcotics seized, scores arrested in Nangarhar ic Emirate, Hanafi said that the Islamic Emirate is committed to providing health services with modern standards to Afghans. Meanwhile, a number of Kabul residents asked the leadership of the Islamic Emirate to hire specialist doctors in the hospitals and pave the ground for treatment of Afghans inside the country. “When we travel to neighboring countries for treatment, we face with dozens of challenges in these countries and we spend tens of thousands of Afghani. If equipped hospitals with advanced medical facilities and specialist doctors are established in the country we will not travel abroad and not carry the capital to the foreign countries,” the residents said. Javed Husain

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