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Hopes for economic growth in Afghanistan!

Workers count banknotes of various currencies at the headquarters of the Da Afghanistan Bank, Afghanistan's central bank, in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013. A smooth U.S. exit from Afghanistan will depend on Pakistans cooperation with the logistical pullout, as well as its backing for peace talks in neighboring Afghanistan and an end to any support for extremist proxies operating there. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A good economy is considered as a basic principle for the prosperous and comfortable life of a country’s people, but those nations that do not have economic independency cannot have a happy and developed life. The geographical location of Afghanistan, the existence of vast natural resources, abundant water for agriculture and livestock, proper weather and deserts are the important factors that if used properly can make Afghanistan change to a developed country. Exports and imports are the two principles of economic growth and are necessary for a sound and self-sufficient economy, especially when exports are more than imports or at least equal. But unfortunately, continued wars, widespread corruption and the dependent economy were what prevented the economic growth and development of our country during the past four decades. Now thanks to Almighty Allah that Afghanistan is an inde- pendent country with a strong central government that makes all decisions based on national interests. There is now a good opportunity for economic growth and development. During the year 2022, Afghanistan exported various goods worth nearly $2 billion to various countries in the region and the world. This is the first time Afghanistan has exported on such a large scale. Although the world recognized the previous government and helped it in various fields, Afghanistan’s annual exports did not reach $1 billion. Increasing exports, starting work on major infrastructural projects in different parts of the country, providing necessary investment facilities to the private sector, and making continuous efforts to find regional and global markets for domestic products are all part of the economic growth and development of Afghanistan. Although the continued efforts of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan toward economic development are commendable, more work is still needed in this area. Currently, Afghanistan is an importing country and annually imports goods worth around $7 billion. The government should make effort to increase the level of exports and pay particular attention to the quality and quantity of domestic products, particularly on the production and exports of fresh and dry fruits, livestock, dairy products and other food items. With this, Afghanistan will not only get food security, but it will become a self-sufficient country in the region. For keeping the prices of food stable and farmers’ good incomes, it is necessary to create cold stores and small factories in every region, distribute improved seeds to farmers and organize informative seminars on boosting yields. This will not only increase the income of orchard owners and farmers, but also provide work opportunities to the people and ensure food security.  Abu Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.