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Hope rises as peace efforts accelerated

Afghanistan, Pakistan and China held a trilateral meeting in Kabul, mostly focusing on trust building, peace, development as well as regional connectivity.
Foreign ministers of the three neighboring countries reiterated their firm commitments to implement the agreed plans including building mutual political trust, supporting peace and reconciliation and security and fighting terrorism, under practical cooperation.
During the meeting, the three sides also reaffirmed commitment for further strengthening of relations, deepening cooperation.
Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA) and other regional economic issues were among the issues, the 3-way dialogue spoke about.
Counter-terrorism effort was also among the agreements, the three countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) about, and that cooperation in this respect to be advanced.
Fighting all forms of terrorism, had been resolved strongly by a statement announced in the meeting.
Based on the meeting agenda, an Afghan led and Afghan-owned peace process with the government armed oppositions had been one of the key issues lodged in the announced statement of the three countries’ foreign ministers meeting.
The people and the government of Afghanistan have long believed honest cooperation of China, in various fields and now, while China begun its cooperation for peace in Afghanistan, its strongly hoped that reconciliation will come to Afghanistan and peace would restore in the war-torn country.
China is not only an economic innovator country, but it can do more for peace in Afghanistan, as one of the key Afghan partners and stakeholders in the country’s issues.
US also hailed Pakistan’s role in fostering peace talks in Afghanistan and thanked its action in promoting greater cooperation in South Asia, including fostering negotiations between the government and the Taliban.
Indeed, if Pakistan enter the process with strong will and determination and honest cooperation, then there is no doubt that peace will come to Afghanistan, as the rebels are still receiving all kinds of aids and cooperation directly or indirectly from some neighboring country.
The new prime minister of Pakistan is hoped to step up honestly with peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan and should do its best to encourage the militants to join a negotiating table with the government peacemakers.
Pakistan, particularly the new government, under Emran Khan leadership, should avail the opportunity to suppress terror, through a bilateral cooperation with Afghanistan and engage all warring sides in peace and reconciliation. As [repeatedly asserted] peace and security in Afghanistan is the cradle of stability of all neighboring and world countries, particularly Pakistan.
The people of Afghanistan are impatiently waiting for the results of the trilateral meeting hoping it to lead to a lasting and inclusive peace in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.