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Hoot 27 marked National Journalist Day

The 27th of Hoot (Solar Year) is marked as National Journalist Day in Afghanistan. It’s a day when all representatives of media outlets, brave and dedicated, gather together to celebrate their invaluable contributions. These journalists, who courageously shoulder dangerous and significant responsibilities in informing the public, often face obstacles and challenges while working. Yet, they persist, raising their issues and communicating them to the officials and authorities. Supporting the journalists and appreciating their endeavors, the republic government marked the 27th of Hoot as National Journalist Day in 1397 (coincides with 2019) through a decree. Recognizing the importance of journalism, the previous government cabinet, approved the request for the official designation of such a day after the efforts made by the media outlets and the Ministry of Information and Culture. The National Journalist Day is celebrated in the country annually with various ap proaches, including holding special events in Kabul and the provinces of the country by the news agencies and journalism institutions after it was named on the 14th of Hoot in 1397 (Solar year). Such events and sessions are attended by groups of people who are dedicated to the media field. In recent years, particularly after it was officially marked, the different media institutions and journalists have celebrated it by holding various sessions. In such events, Afghan journalists prepare reports about the journalists’ situation and the media across the country and share them with the public. The significance of Journalist Day lies in honoring journalists and media professionals for their journalism services, acknowledging their efforts in gathering news, reporting events, and analyzing and interpreting current affairs. In addition, this day serves as a reminder of the risks and challenges journalists face in carrying out their duties, including security threats and access to reliable information. National Journalist Day provides an opportunity to enhance transparency and uphold human rights. It offers various authorities and institutions a further chance to promote public awareness. Furthermore, this day serves as a reminder of the social responsibility of media and the importance of professional ethics in journalism. National and International Journalist Days symbolize the honor and determination of individuals who, through news analysis and frontline reporting, seek truths and current events in society despite the risks and challenges they face while working. Every day, we come across a wide range of news from various channels, including telegram, Facebook, news agencies, and so on. However, the accuracy of none can be assured since their sources are not authentic. At the same time, people around the world need independent and free media that is dedicated to propelling and guiding the public to the right path or informing the community about an actual event. Given the media laws, journalists and media outlets are allowed to independently and impartially disseminate news and events, enabling their audience to make decisions based on facts. Free media and courageous journalists not only symbolize human values and principles but also record valuable content in archives and human history. The officials in the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Emirate have always made an effort to hold joint sessions and meetings with the media representatives to address media-related challenges and problems. They would spare no effort to address the legitimate demands of the journalists. We congratulate all media outlets and their representatives in our country on Journalist Day, and I wish them the best in their future endeavors. Ahmad Tamim

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.