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Hoot 24th; memorable day in Afghanistan history

National uprising of 24th Hoot is a turning point in the history of Afghanistan. During the bloody uprising happened decades ago in Herat, a large number of our countrymen were martyred by the then communist regime. The bloody day is still remembered and saved in the history of the country.
On this day, the people of Herat felt that their faith and freedom, national values and human rights had been violated and their country was invaded; therefore, they rushed to the streets of the province and declared their full hatred against foreigners and their domestic agents.
After the People’s Democratic Party ‘Khalq’ took power as a result of coup in the country, the party declared a range of plans and reforming programs under the ‘revolutionary decrees’ and started to seriously implement them on the people in the country. The reforming plans and programs announced the then regime were rejected by the people.
The people started to rush to streets of various cities in order to show their hatred against the regime. On 24th of Hoot 1357 (1979) the people of Herat uprised against the then Afghan government but the angry people were showered by bullets of the regime security forces. It is estimated that on this day, over 24000 people were brutally martyred by security forces.
For today’s generation it’s difficult to believe killing of all those people in a single day. But those who had attended and witnessed the uprising confirmed that such great numbers of people were actually martyredon the single day; therefore, the people call the city of Herat as the “City of Blood and Uprising”.
But what was the reason of this uprising and why all those people were killed? One of the reasons of Herat uprising was the unjust and wrong behavior, reforming plans and programs of the then rulers. It is said the then government of Kabul that was strongly backed by Soviet Union was trying to harmonize and synchronize Afghanistan traditional laws with socialistic laws and regulations.
For example, the then government drafted and started to implement a new law that was called “Land Reforms”, under which the government forcefully confiscated the additional lands of land owners and distributed free of charge among other people and government officials.
Compulsory sending of Afghan women and girls to literacy courses and other similar cases,which were against traditional temper of Afghan people, forced them to react against the government. This reaction was gradually changed to vast protests as thousands of people appeared on the streets.
Soon after Herat uprising was suppressed by air and ground reinforcement that arrived from Kandahar,the city became calm and the government considered it as major achievement and success. But, it was not a major achievement for the then government as the uprising paved the way for other movements and uprising in the country.
The uprising of the people of Herat will be always remembered in the history of Afghanistan.
Lailuma Noori

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