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Honorable Mohammad Hassan Akhund“ Prime Minister of Afghanistan

Subject: Attack on Sikh Gurdwara at Kabul “Sir”

The dreadful series of blasts and gun firing at Kabul Gurdwara has prompted us to approach your good self on behalf of Sikhs.
The founder of Sikh nation, Guru Nanak respected every religion.
Sikhism is rigidly monotheistic and it does not believe in god and goddesses and also worshiping idolatry.
We have a separate entity as our Social, Cultural, Religious, Political and Economic models designed by Guru Nanak Sahib do not resemble with Hindus. Our foundation is based on doctrines like: equality, the welfare of mankind, universal brotherhood, religious tolerance, casteless, classless society etc.
We elaborately practice these doctrines in our personal and public life in all the countries where we live. Honorable Sir, we wish to recall that during COVID Sikhs served the global community irrespective of religion, caste, creed etc with food, medicines, masks etc. Apart from this during the time of natural calamities Sikhs always reach the destitutes. So we are liberal in serving humanity. History vouches for our claim that we have never ever interfered in the religious affairs of any religion in the world nor we have passed any objectionable remarks on any prophet or any holy scripture. At the same, we don’t allow anyone to interfere in our religious matters and sacrilege our holy shrines and scriptures because these are dearer to us more than our lives.
Sir, since the time Taliban government has come to power in Afghanistan we as Sikhs became very optimistic that minorities will be more secured particularly when diplomatic relations between India and Afghanistan are cordial and gradually heading towards strengthening harmony and peace in the region.
But terrorists attacking with guns and explosives on Sikh Gurdwara in Kabul without any provocation from management and devotees on 18th June has jolted the entire Sikh community across the world.
The security arrangements made by your government at Gurdwara although thwarted the attempt of terrorists to cause more damage yet heavy deployment of security at the Shrine could have avoided the unfortunate incident.
Today media divulged that IS (K) has taken the responsibility of the attack citing the controversial remarks made by Nupur, a Bhartiya Janta Party leader against Prophet Mohammad. We the Sikhs have no linkage with these derogatory remarks, which we had vehemently and unconditionally condemned, then why we have been targeted in your regime, Deference and dignity of all the religions and their leaders has always been our first priority and the Sikhs cannot even dream of insulting Prophet Mohammad.
Sir, moreover Sikhs don’t suffer identity crisis in Afghanistan as they have a long and deep rooted history in the region. Their population in 1980 was in Lakhs and they have numerous Gurdwaras. Sikhs have been enthusiastic entrepreneurs in Afghan trade mixing liberally with locals.
In the light of above we request your honor:
1)to conduct a judicious probe why Sikhs were bracketed with Nurpur objectionable remarks on Prophet Mohamad.
2)to take necessary steps to dispel the misconception and venom growing in mind of gun wielding persons in your country about Sikhs.“
3) to ensure protection and safety of Sikhs and their property in Afghanistan.”
4)to take preventive steps to put permanent halt on recurrence of such events.
Thanking You, “With kind regards “Yours Sincerely,”
1) Professor Baljinder Singh Spokesperson “Jathedar Hawara Committee”
2) Balbir Singh Muchal“ Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee “Amritsar, Punjab (India)
Dated 21/06/2022“email:”
“Mobile:+91 9888001888”
Letter sent through Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi, India



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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.