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Home treatment to quit drug addiction not effective, Doctors

By: Shukria Kohistani

Treatment of drug addicts outside health centers would cause the addicts to resume using narcotics.
The Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) surveys suggest that due to lack of knowledge and skills, the families won’t be able to treat an addict in home and taking reckless medicines would lead to side effects to an addict.
Due to different reasons particularly shame in the society, a number of families don’t want to introduce their addict members for treatment to an official health center, head of the ministry’s department to reduce narcotics’ demands Shahpour Yousof said.
“The patients (addicts) are placed under cold water in homes, which is not physically or ethically acceptable,” he said.
He added when we cut off narcotics over an addict, a syndrome appears that follows with insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, body ache and even psychological disorders. We treat these symptoms with anti-symptom medicines.
Along with the private drug treatment centers, 86 state-run rehabilitation centers are operational in 32 provinces, but a number of drug addicts say that when they referred to those centers for treatment, they faced negative response which led them to continue drugs or try to treat themselves at homes.
Deputy to Ibn-e-Sina’s 1000-bed treatment center Wahidullah Koshan says that only quitting drugs cannot be effective to treat an addict, but the treatment includes exercises, training and psychological activities.
He added addiction is a disease and its treatment can be possible at home, but its remaining effects, psychological and physical tensions should be managed by a professional person.
According to joint findings of the government of Afghanistan and UN office on drugs and crimes, over 200.000 people have directly been addicted to narcotics and the number of treatment centers is not enough to them.
Nazira is a woman whose husband is an addict. She asked the government to prevent narcotics’ cultivation in the country, because, like her husband, there are many other men who have been addicted to narcotics and are in a bad condition. There are many parts in the capital Kabul such as Pul-e-Sokhta and Kota-e-Sangi that are full of addicts and have faced the people with many problems. A Kabul resident Sayed Amin asked the ministry of public health to make effort and collect the addicts from around the country particularly the capital Kabul.  

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