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Holding ‘Peace Consultative Jirga’ to affect Taliban, Experts

However, efforts at regional and international level are ongoing to restore peace in Afghanistan, President Ghani says that a peace consultative Jirga should be held to reach our goal.
High Peace Council (HPC) officials called holding consultative Jirga the best way to gather public opinions and specify a red line for direct peace talks.
Work on a mechanism to hold the peace consultative Jirga is ongoing and the Jirga is expected to be held this month for three days, they further said.
According to them, all segments of the society would attend the Jirga and based on its procedure, 30 percent share has been considered for women.
The experts and lawyers have different views in this regard, but the question is that would holding consultative Jirga be effective in current situation?
The best way to prevail peace is that some strategies should be made to practice the jirga’s decisions, they believe.
“This is a clear fact that the people of Afghanistan have always referred to Loya Jirgas to find solutions for national challenges, thus, if the decisions taken in the Jirga to be practiced, its holding can be effective,” a legal section elite Hashimi said.
The people of Afghanistan are sick of war and they welcome any move which leads to restoring peace in the country, he added.
A political expert Amir Mohammad believes that peace consultative Jirga would be effective if the people’s representatives get present in it and its results are managed properly, but if it’s vice versa, the jirgas would lose their value.
Considering the people representatives and other influential figures’ presence in the Jirga, HPC officials said the jirga’s results would affect the Taliban.
This is while a number of women civil and legal entities say that women representatives should be present in the Jirga to offer their demands and protect their achievements.
The government of Afghanistan says that peace process is a national one and all people particularly the women views would be considered in it.
Afghans ask the Taliban to consider the current realities of the country and based on them, prepare them selves for peace talks with the government.
All world countries know that no foreign negotiations would follow with fruitful results unless direct talks to be done between the government and Taliban.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.