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Holding illegal meetings outside Afghanistan undermine country and system, Stanikzai

The Political Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, has stated that illegal meetings outside of Afghanistan are being organized, aiming to undermine the country and its system. According to the deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan does not serve the interests of foreign enemies; therefore, efforts are being made to exaggerate the problems within Afghanistan. Speaking at the Ministry of Defense’s Special Forces graduation ceremony, Stanikzai asserted that these meetings are intended to weaken the Islamic Emirate. He added that Muslims worldwide have placed their hopes on the forces of the Islamic Emirate. He urges the Islamic Emirate forces to be prepared for front-line wars. “Yesterday, we were engaged in guerrilla warfare; to day, we need to prepare ourselves for conventional warfare,” Stanikzai said. “Today, we are free. The borders are under our control; the good and bad of this country are in our hands. However, the enemy’s schemes have not ended; the enemy continues to plot, lying in wait every day, seeking excuses to weaken us, our government, and tarnish our reputation,” he added. “Illegal gatherings in neighboring countries are organized with the aim of undermining our country, system, and military. I emphasize that their time has passed. The Afghan people do not care about them even as much as a mulberry. They have proven themselves. Each one of them has embezzled 20 or 30 million dollars from the country’s treasury. They stole and later fled abroad,” he further added. Stanikzai emphasized that foreign enemies of Afghanistan are attempting to undermine the system through any possible means, as they believe a robust system in Afghanistan is not in their interest. According to him, Afghanistan faces numerous challenges and threats, and the Islamic Emirate is preparing itself for conventional warfare. Since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, many influential and political figures in Afghanistan have fled to neighboring countries, Europe, or the United States. Occasionally, they organize gatherings to demonstrate their strength and presence, exchanging empty promises and rhetoric among themselves. These figures no longer hold credibility among the Afghan people, having lost their integrity and political standing. During their time in power, they amassed wealth and engaged in trade in other countries, while the people of Afghanistan continued to suffer from poverty and hunger. Nevertheless, some political analysts advocate for the interim government to initiate dialogue to address specific challenges between the Islamic Emirate and the opposition to the interim government. “Consensus among the public and national interests is not easily achieved in any country. The solution lies in interaction and accepting each other; it requires patience and endurance regarding the country’s destiny and the fate of its people,” said Sayed Hashem Jawad Balkhabi, a political analyst. Considering the general amnesty declared by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the deputy minister of foreign affairs once again called on political figures who held high positions in the previous government to return to the country. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.