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History of ancient Nowruz, creation of Grape

First day of new year is called Nowruz which was mentioned since ancient times in Avista. In 1200 BC Monarch Tahmorz died and Jemshed took the reign of affairs of his kingdom.
For the first time, this benevolent and just king celebrated new year’s festival which has been celebrating every year ever since as a national festival.
There was another ruler and powerful king who was relative of Jemshed and his name was Anu Shirwan. He had a son and his son’s name was Badan and he was a brave youth and skilled and unique shooter in his time.
On the first day of the new year, Nowruz, the king went out of his court and castle along with his advisors and ministers servants and employees to enjoy the beauty of nature. The king encouraged farmers and horticultures and instructed them.
Suddenly he noticed that a bird fell on the ground and was caught by a snake. He immediately ordered who would rescue the beautiful bird from the snake. His son was present there and replied, “this is my job”. Badan targeted the snake and rescued the bird from the mouth of the snake and the bird flew into the air. The king was very happy with Badan and appreciated him.
By chance, next year, the king left his castle and went out and stationed in the same place together with his army, civil and military officials. He noticed again that a bird is coming and threw few seeds on the ground. The king said it is the same bird and we see it once again.
His servants and civil employee went and found the seeds and brought to the king and king gave them to gardener to plant it and report the result to the king. Next year when the king came back on the same occasion, saw that the seeds have grown very nice and produced fruits but no one dared to eat them on suspicion of being a poison.
Finally they decided to put the clusters into a pot full of water, leave it for few days and wait for the result.
The gardener went to the king afterwards and said, the clusters and the water are boiling without fire.
He told the king to bring a prisoner who is sentenced to death to drink it. The prisoner drank the first cup but it was bitter. He took the second cup and third cup respectively and was drunk and danced and later slept.
Next morning he was taken to the court of the king and he narrated what happened to him.
The prisoner requested the king to give him another three cups of the same juice and he would be very happy.
Afterwards the king ordered his employees and servants to plant these bushes throughout of his territory, collect the fruits and eat them.
Today there is a place in Herat called “Bahramghora” where the seeds were planted. So Herat is the original cradle of grapes and grapes festival is celebrated every year there. This was the initial story and background of grapes creation.
Abdul Hadi Quraishi

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