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Historical relics should be protected, restored

Reports disclose that dozens of the country’s historical relics have now been out of the authorities’ attention and no tangible attention has been made in this field, particularly over the past more than one year.
The historic Ahmad Shahi Palace building in the country’s southern province of Kandahar, has been reportedly on the verge of eradication and needed urgent care.
The historic building, with 300 years of background, has been said to belong to the great Ahmad Shah Baba, the founder of the modern-day Afghanistan and the then emperor.
The great Shahi castle has now been affected the most over the years and is in terrible situation. Some sites of the building if not paid serious attention would be perished with the passage of time.
Also, in the country’s northern Balkh province, serious parts of the Hazrat Ali Shrine have damaged and feared to further be deteriorated, particularly during seasonal rainfalls, if not repaired.
For repairing of the building, work started three years ago, but the process came to a halt after completion of only 28 percent.
The shrine maintenance in charge also confirmed the report about the damage of some key parts of the building and said that the issue has been discussed with the related departments. However, he assured the rehabilitation work at the shrine would start soon to be prepared for the New Year.
Likewise, in Herat, Ghazni and Ghor provinces of the country, there are many historical monuments and ancient sites seriously in need of restoration and repairing.
All these ancient sites have once been under work and restoration projects in the past years, but all went in vain as the then officials were corrupt who stole big amount of the funds and budget, expected to be used in the restoration projects of the ancient monuments.
This is to be noted that the historic relics of any country, describe the dignity of the territory and their nations and represent their values worldwide.
Since the Islamic system has now resumed power and new honest individuals are replaced with former corrupt officials, then it is seriously needed to use the fund either from the national budget or international fund, transparently in the restoration process of the ancient sites and historical monuments.
So, the related organs of the Islamic Emirate should seriously pay attention to historical monuments, shrines, tombs and other ancient relics of the country and protect them to elevate Afghanistan’s high culture and traditions through its long valuable background all over the world.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.