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Historical background of Darul Aman Palace

By: Ahmadullah Safai

Darul Aman palace is one of historical buildings of Afghanistan locating on a hill 8km southwest of Kabul city in Chahardehi area which was previously called as Afshar hill.
This building was constructed in 1304-1306 solar year during the reign of Ghazi Amanullah Khan under German architectures. This three storied building contains 150 small and big rooms, one library and 32 toilets and was used by all government departments of Amani administration. This is one of those buildings which were built by a 22 engineers team led by well-known German engineer Josef Brix plus 700 local workers and completed in 1306 (1927) solar year. The construction activity was led by Eng Walter Hartel.
In that time political relations were very good between Afghanistan and Germany and the German government had taken part in construction of many Afghan government buildings including this palace.
Ghazi Amanullah Khan had erected this palace for all government departments, but unfortunately only less than two years exploited it and ultimately his monarchy was toppled.
This palace was called as (Darulhabib) during the short rule of Habibullah Kalakani and later known as Darulfonoon and in 1333 solar year was again called as Darulaman palace by a delegation of municipality.
Darulaman palace was expected to be the new parliament but due to disagreement of Amanullah Khan, it was left empty for a while and later ministry of public works was deployed there and due to electric short circuit it was flamed in 1349 solar year. It was rebuilt and ministry of justice was deployed there.
In 1358 (1979) during to Soviet invasion this palace was torched once again. In 1368 solar year, during the rule of late Dr. Najeebullah this building was used by MoD and was damaged as a result of Shahnawaz Tanay coup d’état and its some parts were destroyed but soon rebuilt.
Following the withdrawal of Russian troops, under rule of Mujaheddin specially during the factional conflicts it was used as trenches and was strongly damaged and was changed to a ruin. In subsequent rules and regimes no one payed any attention for reconstruction of Darulaman palace. In 2005 a plan was presented for reconstruction of the palace, its parks and surrounding area, but was not implemented. Finally in 1394 solar year, its reconstruction was ordered and started by president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and 99 percent was completed and was officially inaugurated on the occasion of 100th anniversary of independence with participation of large number of people including two girls of late king Amanullah Khan.

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