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Hike of fuel prices concerning as winter arrives

Besides unemployment, hike of fuel prices have been problematic to the people as the winter looms arriving.
A number of Kabul citizens told The Kabul Times as the winter arrives, hike of wood, gas and charcoal prices have made most of the families not to be able to heat their homes.
Unemployment has changed into an unsolved problem. It has caused majority of families not to be financially capable to buy fuels for their winter season, a worker, Sayed Kamal said.
“Daily, we wait alongside the roads for hours so someone comes and takes us for construction works,” he further said.
Unfortunately, the fuels’ prices have been further increasing by each passing year and the people who are similar to me, are not able to buy wood, charcoal and liquid gas in the winter, he added.
Another Kabul resident, Shah Wali who has come to buy wood for the winter says that fuels’ prices are changed each year.
He added I am not able to ensure my family’s all requirements.
Unemployment, hike of foodstuff and fuels’ prices have seriously concerned the citizens, he went on to say.
In fact, due to not controlling the prices by the government, the prices get increased each year as the winter arrives and this year, the fuels’ prices have unprecedentedly increased.

The price of 560 kg wood starts from 6500 to 7200 afg and each kg gas 70 afg in free market.
A wood seller, Haji Dowoud says that 14 years ago, the price of 560 kg wood was 4500 afg, but as the years gone by, the wood price has been changing and now the price of 560 kg wood starts from 6500 afg to 7200 afg.
He added the price of a carton of filtered coal is now 300 afg.
It is merit to mention that there are many coal factories existed in Kabul’s Saray-e-Shamali area.
Each month, we pay 15000 afg tax to the government, Haji Dawoud said.
Two wood choppers, Shafiq and Murad Ali said we earned 150 afg from each 560 kg wood that is not enough for us.
Each year, with the advent of winter, the people demand for wood causes its prices to get increased.
However, the people are facing many challenges in their daily lives, but still the relevant organs have not addressed any of them. Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.