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Higher education scholarships to be equally implemented, MoHE

In the past 17 years, various countries have granted higher education scholarships to Afghanistan where a number of students and university lecturers have been able to academically make use of the scholarships.
Officials for Higher Education Ministry (MoHE) say all scholarships that are granted to Afghanistan should be processed by the ministry of higher education that are provided by foreign embassies or organizations are individually granted to individuals who are not suited and have not the capability to follow higher education abroad.
“The only challenge we are facing is the interference of some institutions and individuals who get scholarships individually as individually distribution of the scholarships by foreign organizations to individuals and institutions is the only challenge facing MoHE,” said Dr. Faisal Amin, a spokesperson to MoHE.
He added that the process of distribution would be fair and transparent if processed, distributed and implemented by the ministry of higher education.
“Scholarships that are implemented by MoHE are followed and processed based on criteria suggested in the scholarship,” Amin said, adding that those meeting the requirements or criteria are able to make use of the opportunity and get their higher education abroad.
Pointing to countries granting higher education scholarships to Afghan students in the past 17 years, the MoHE spokesperson said: “There are lots of countries such as India, Iran, Japan, Pakistan, China and a number of foreign organizations that have granted scholarships to Afghanistan.”
Related to effectiveness of the scholarships, Dr. Amin said that all scholarships were undoubtedly important for Afghanistan as the scholarships could increase and build academic capacities of the Afghan students and university lecturers who were making use of the scholarships in a better way. The MoHE spokesperson further said that scholarships that were granted to Afghanistan were for Afghan students interested in receiving BA, MA or PhD degrees.
A number of Afghan students who have taken the opportunity have different visions regarding the higher education scholarships grated every year to Afghanistan.
“Fortunately I have been selected for a scholarship declared by ministry of higher education after passing in a test and meeting the criteria of the ministry and now I’m going to India to get my master degree,” said Omid Maroof, a young Afghan student who has been recently introduced for an Indian scholarship. It is worth mentioning that during the past one decade, many countries and foreign organizations have offered hundreds of scholarships in different fields of study and various level of educational degrees such as Undergraduate studies, Master degree and PhD. These scholarships have been offered for thousands of Afghan students to support them continue their higher education and create new professional careers at top foreign universities abroad.
Suraya Raiszada

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