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Heroic act of Afghan soldiers shouldn’t be forgotten

Afghanistan is on the front line of the international community’s struggle against terrorism while it also fights the Taliban insurgency. Afghans sustained heavy casualties within more than a decade and half. The two past years were the deadliest years for Afghan people as thousands of people were martyred and wounded as a result of terrorist attacks and suicide bombings.
The heroic rehearsals and selfless acts of Afghans soldiers in terms of combating terrorism is really jaw-dropping. They played their role in the best possible way with the hope of safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all individuals and building a society where all could exercise their rights freely and respect one another on the basis of being human.
Afghan soldiers had their blood shed to save the blood of others from being spilled by terrorists. They fought with high ambition. They donated their blood to the society to strengthen democracy and form a civil society, which are stated in constitution. 
On Sunday, one soldier was martyred when he tried to pull out a suspected suicide bomber from the public crowed in Nangarhar’s capital Jalalabad city, and later the bomber detonated his explosive jacket. Praising the heroic act of soldier, the local people said the soldier prevented the loss of scores of people through his heroic and sacrifice.
Indeed, fighting terrorism is a global objective and the sacrifices made by one nation will affect the global security. For instance, a peaceful Afghanistan will contribute to reginal peace and prosperity and vice versa. The president of Afghanistan has time and again said that Afghan security forces were fighting for the security of their own people as well as the world, adding the country was in frontline of war on terror.
Despite the sacrifices made by Afghan soldiers in combating terrorism, militancy remains a serious issue in the country. After being defeated in east of Afghanistan, the so-called IS militants sparing no effort to target civilians and bring about gap between government and the people. They even have targeted the Sikh and Hindu minorities of Afghanistan, to bring disunity among tribes of Afghanistan.
To sum up, Afghan people bear the brunt of militancy since terrorist groups carry out indiscriminate attacks on them. The graph of fatalities is as high as ever and war continues unabated. Within the two past years, civilians and soldiers sustained heavy casualties leaving their families behind. Despite of government forces’ intensified attacks on insurgents and killing thousands of them country-wide, they seem to still threaten security and stability of the country.
Although the Afghan forces fought with bona fide intention to bring peace and stability in the country and region. It is self-explanatory that only Afghan government is not able to defeat terrorists. Therefore, the world needs to fight against terrorism so as to secure the region.
The European countries, and even that of US witnessed a number of attacks by the militants which resulted to killing of many of their citizens. Therefore, these countries should double their efforts in war on terror and help prevent the threats of terrorism.Otherwise, militancy will be continued, and people’s sufferings will not come to an end.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.