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‘Heroes should not be forgotten’

A number of martyred security forces’ remaining say that heroes should not be forgotten and ask the government to address their challenges.
Haji Shahbaz, a father who lost two of his sons in defending the country told The Kabul Times “I have come to Kabul from eastern Nangarhar province to finish the work of a plot of land the government has already promised me.”
He asked the government to assist the martyred security forces’ families so their children can get educated.
Welcoming the government move on distribution of coupon to martyrs’ families he said “the government should continue assisting us.”
Other martyrs’ families say the government should not forget them and finish the coupon distribution process at its earliest, adding we are dire need of assistances.
Military experts say that there is nodoubt that supporting the martyred security forces’ families is the government responslibty, because, their sons have lost their lives in defending the country.
If the government supports the martyred security forces’ families, their morale will get high and they will send their other sons to join security forces’ ranks, a military expert Jawid Kohistani said.
“Likewise, the government should address those get injured in frontlines and terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, the martyrs’ families and those disabled have been facing with lots of problems, thus, the government should seriously pay heed in this respect.”
Allocation of special quotas to martyrs’ families and sons in term of scholarships andother welfare facilities would positively affect them, in which the government should focus on. To address the challenges of these families, the government has recently made effort to provide them with foodstuff coupon, he added.
Representing martyrs’ families, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has recently distributed coupon to four people, an action shows that the heroes won’t be forgotten.
It is merit to mention that 12000 martyred security forces’ families will be provided with coupon in the first stage of the process which will last for one year in Kabul and then the process will practice across the country.
The ministry of defense is making effort to arrange the list of martyrs’ families and then provide them with foodstuff coupon, Ghafour Jawid said.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.