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Herat’s historical sites attracted 70 foreign tourists in two weeks

HERAT: A total of 70 foreign tourists have visited historical sites and natural attractions of the country’s western province of Herat, the provincial Information and Culture Department said in a statement on Sunday. The provincial head of Tourism of the Information and Culture Department Mawlavi Rahmatullah Mohammadi said countrywide security has caused 70 tourists from 15 foreign countries to visit the historical places and natural attractions of the province within the past two weeks, according to the statement. “Since the Islamic Emirate took power in the country, the number of foreign tourists visiting the country’s historical sites and natural attractions has been on the rise, as over 400 foreign tourists and thousands of domestic tourists have visited the historical sites of Herat province in the past months of the current year,” the statement quoted Mohammadi as saying. Expressing pleasure over sure security in Afghanistan, foreign tourists said: “We come here to visit all historical monuments and natural attractions of this country. When we visited some historical sites in Herat province, we were provided with the necessary facilities by the provincial information and culture department and we decided to visit historical monuments and natural attractions of other provinces.” Mohammadi also added that his-led department has been making efforts to provide all tourists with tourism facilities in the province, as the development of the tourism industry in addition to strengthening the relations between the countries, will cooperate in the country’s economic development. Pointing to the importance of the tourism industry, Mohammadi further added that tourism also brings employment opportunities, enhances the economy of the region, and creates revenue for the local government. Tourists also use public services, creating funding for public services, such as health, the police and the fire department, as well as increasing the demand for public transport, said Mohammadi, asking the relevant organs to pay necessary attention in the ground and provide the tourists with necessary cooperation and facilities across the country. Javed Husain

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.