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Herat customs collect 20 bln afghani in a year

HERAT: In the past one year, about 20 billion Afghanis in revenue have been collected by the Herat provincial customhouse, officials confirmed yesterday.
Provincial Director of Herat Customs, Mawlavi Mohammad Bilal said that efforts have been made to fight corruption in the administration and now the corruption in Herat customs has decreased to nil that helped the revenues increase significantly.
Also, due to sure security, traders continue their business without fear and exports of dry and fresh fruits, coal, marble, various beverages and carpets are also higher than they were in the past, he added. The director of Herat customs said that they are planning to start the standard system in the customs and now the standardization plan has been approved by the central government, which will be started in the near future. Economically, Herat customs have a special place in the country with two commercial ports, which collect a lot of revenue. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.