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Help needy people in punitive cold winter

More than 500,000 Afghans have recently been forced by Pakistani and Iranian governments to return to the country. Following an unjust plan, by the two neighboring countries to forcedly send tens of thousands of Afghan households, the organs concerned of the Islamic Emirate have done much to provide shelter and livelihood for them inside the country, where the winter is getting harsher. Other charitable organizations, including national and international traders, also donated tons of edible and nonedible items as well as winter-related clothing and kitchen utensils for the returnees as well as those suffering lack of shelter and displaced internally due to natural disaster, particularly the recent deadly earthquake in some provinces. A number of neighboring countries have also provided aid food and other needed items for both the internally displaced people and the repatriates. Now as the winter is its mid-term, the internally displaced persons and most of the returnees are in dire need of cooperation. They have no appropriate shelters, no enough food to eat and enough fuel to heat their temporal shelters. In recent few days, the weather is getting colder while most of people, particularly, the IDPs and those returning home from the neighboring countries, are not even able to meet their basic essentials. So, those with enough economic living conditions, should cooperate with those who live in harsh economic conditions. Being poor, nowadays, means being deprived of food and shelter. They hardly get opportunities to find food or other needed winter items. They, even have no adequate nutrition and are highly subject to different kinds of diseases and are lacking access to healthcare and basic essentials. We do not mean that one should make the poor wealthy but this should be noted that they can at least help them with livelihood enough to survive the harsh winter. Helping people in need with needed items and caring them is a noble culture, while the prices are skyrocketing in the winter season comparing to other seasons of the year. On the other hand, the negative impacts of the past four decades of conflicts and the recent political and economic sanctions imposed by western countries on the Islamic Emirate as well as the wave of returning Afghans from other countries, have faced our nation to a series of economic problems. The country’s national traders and those with good economic statuses should continue their cooperation and perform their religious responsibility, by providing food and winter-related substances to the people in need everywhere in the country. The related organs of the Islamic Emirate should also take effective measures to address the problems of the people during the harsh climate.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.