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Heedlessness to environment harmful to health & society

Societies and nations experience prosperity whose citizens are sensitive and responsible to care for their community and surrounding environment.

A living and religion-oriented country does not have irresponsible resident, but with a proper civil behavior towards their surroundings.
Fortunately, with the blessing of Almighty Allah and development
of modern technology, each individual has become an institution
or an organization and their all right and wrong actions are accessed to space and virtual networks that teach people of the world or let them learn.
In no period of history has access to teaching and learning resources been so extensive. In the new world, every movement on the surface of the earth has an impact and feedback. We all care about reducing pollution in our environment or community.
Here are a few questions; why is the weather getting warm year by year? Why is the amount of Heedlessness to environment harmful to health & society snow decreasing? Why have the springs dried up?
Why are the wells in the villages decreasing water? Why clean water cannot be found today? Why are wildlife and many animals’ species so scarce? Why have all these new diseases increased? Why is the tolerance of today’s generation low? Why has the use of disposable devices increased so much? Why nature and the environment  are polluted with a huge number of disposable items? Why is there a gap between us and our good traditions? We have abolished all good
traditions by promoting disposable items just to reduce our load
and save our time.

Our minds are filled with colorful advertisements and images due to the false competitions of new consumerism in all fields that has unfortunately replaced our great and advantageous traditions.
Will machines production be able to move us towards happiness or will its extreme use deprive us of happiness? In response to all these questions raised, we must say, “Get alert to a hazardous alarm.” Excessive use of machinery and its relevant products has taken away our happiness, health and peace. We have to leave machine life wisely.
The reason behind plenty of these problems is the excessive use of machinery based products, we must all take a step before it is too late. No one considers himself irresponsible and his role ineffective, we are all guilty and responsible, and we are indispensable to each other. We are all responsible for the health of the next generation, each of us must take practical steps, and otherwise we will all fall into the abyss of misery.
We, together should move on for the benefit of society and the environment with positive effects and consequences to society.
So let’s all take practical steps together; Use disposable items very rarely and only in very urgent cases, because it increases the volume of waste, imposes various types of pollution on the environment, and creates a variety of diseases in the natural cycle of life.
The use of bicycles should be considered a public necessity for the health of each individual of us and our society, because using bicycles saves fuel, reduces traffic, reduces air pollution, and so on.
Personal Vehicles should be used on certain occasions or holidays.
We have to prioritize public transport on regular days to our work or education destinations.
Heart attacks have increased due to decrease in walking so we should walk more and more every day.

As we all know cleanliness as an important part of our religion, we have to take responsibility for our wastes not to harm environment and other living things. We must take part in public awareness in this regard, learn and teach ways to reduce and control waste and pollution creating materials.
Noise pollution, air pollution, road pollution, traffic and thousands of anxieties caused by those accidents, deaths and injuries on the roads are due to the excessive use of personal cars.
So let us all consider the principle of saving in the consumption of everything, especially in the use of personal vehicles and in general machinery based products to show love and sincerity in the beautiful nature and social life without more anxiety than to lose our peace of mind.
Society becomes healthy when the citizens are responsible and committed toward other citizens and environment. So let us not be heedless and share efforts in bringing back a healthy society again.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.