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Heart diseases increasing in Afghanistan

Cardiac diseases cases are increasing in the country and annually fifty thousand added to the number of people suffering from heart diseases.
Although the precise number of people suffering from the disease is not yet known but the statements quoted from the authorities of health ministry indicate that heart diseases have unprecedented growth in the country and annually about fifty thousand people being affected to the diseases while the activities for preventing and curing the diseases are very weak. As the relevant authorities acknowledge half of the fifty thousand affected with cardiac disease lose their lives.
There are many factors that cause the widespread of these fatal diseases in our country.
At the first place, the immense air – pollution that caused the wide- spread of heart and respiratory diseases in our country.
The other thing that caused the heart diseases is unsafe food. Most of the foodstuffs in Afghanistan especially oil is not standard. Mostly the taste and commercial benefits are considered in that regard. Lack of physical movements and the lack of interest majority of our people to sport, continued war and insecurity, poverty and mental anxieties that have caused heart attacks and widespread of heart diseases in the country.
IN spite of that cardiac diseases as fatal disease increasing in the country the possibilities for curing in the level of country are low and substandard therefore the suffering people from the diseases go to the neighboring and regional countries for treatment and annually a huge quantity of currencies goes out of the country.
The ministry of health that has the responsibility of implementing the state policy and programs on medical and social condition of the citizens, expressed concern over the dissemination of heart diseases while just expressing concern would not be enough.
The people expect the authorities of the relevant organs practically work to prevent the wide spread of the diseases, while initiative and practical measure in that end is very low in the country.
Although heart diseases are dangerous but they are could be prevented and treated. What is caused the wide spread of the diseases in Afghanistan is a lack of program and lack of attention of the relevant authorities in that regard.
Removing this problem requires a massive cooperation; the ministry of health prepares practical programs and seriously monitors the process of medical services, the ministry commerce focus on importing foodstuffs with high quality, the environment department uses its policies in practice, our merchants avoid importing low quality foodstuffs and beside their own benefit consider the benefits of other people and finally the people know the importance of health without doubt most of social and medical problems of our people would be solved.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.