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Health sector workers ready to serve in Eid Days

On the arrival of Eid, a number of doctors and health sector workers are willingly ready to provide their people with 24/7 of medical services in all the government hospitals of Kabul.
In this regard, Dr. Mir Shafiqullah Haidari, one of the doctors in Aliabad Hospital in Kabul, told the Kabul Times reporter: “We are at the service of our dear compatriots on Eid days just like other days of the year, and all departments are on duty to serve public in these days.”
Dr. Homayun Barakzai, who is in charge of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Hospital, says that we are always here to serve our people. As Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Hospital is one of the governmental hospitals where more citizens come for their treatment, our staff is always ready to provide them 24 hours health services.
Talking to Habibullah, a resident of Kabul on the topic, he said, “Health is wealth, whether it is on Eid days or normal days or holidays. Doctors and health workers like other important sectors work hard to provide people with 24 hours health services, no matter it is Eid day, Friday or any other holiday.
Abdul Qayoom Malik, owner of a medicine store at Khairkhana told our reporter that medicines store remain open on Eid days to provided people with advised medicines.
Noorullah, one of the medicines sellers at Sehat-e-ama square, says: “According to the schedule that is prepared for all medicines stores in Kabul by the General Directorate of Laws and Inspections every month, we are assigned to serve on holidays.” We are obliged to enforce the law, and the schedule, if a store does not obey it, and it is noticed by the relevant authorities, it will be fined and closed.
And if a store repeat it for the second time, its owner will be dealt with in accordance with law.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.