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“Have mercy to people to receive mercy from government”

Since the last one year of the Islamic Emirate return to power, some certain government officials have been said to have committed violence against ordinary people.
As we have now a secure country and law implemented nationwide, no one has the right to irresponsibly treat with the citizens.
Treating people with respect is an order of the holy Islamic Sharia and the officials and personnel of an Islamic system should do their best to behave well with the people.
As recently, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate, issued an order, under which, the whole personnel and officials of the government had to avoid violence against the ordinary people, even if they see some trespasses from them.
Along the way, across the checkpoints, inside recreational parks or any other areas including government agencies, the on-duty officials of the Islamic Emirate have been ordered to do well with the people and in case of any illegal action, trespass or breaching the law, the offenders should be taken to justice, instead of reckless punishment by irresponsible officials.
Following the instruction of the IEA Supreme Leader, the country’s acting Prime Minister, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund urged government officials to treat the people with respect and take any anti-law activities to justice and judicial organs.
“Any government employee who is not offering mercy to the people will not receive mercy from the government,” the Prime Minister warned, while speaking in a gathering attended by 2,500 religious scholars and government officials held at the presidential palace.
Arrogance should be abandoned, as the Prime Minister urged, and the idea that they are the personnel of intelligence and have the authority to arrest anyone they want, should be negated.
Implementation of the order of the Islamic Emirate leadership is very necessary and the entire officials have to observe it.
As the IEA Prime Minister frankly said, no one will be allowed to recklessly arrest, torture or punish an ordinary people, even if he/she commits an illegal action.
On the other, this is the responsibility of the officials of the Ministry Order to Virtue and Prohibition from Vice to implement the Islamic sharia teachings on the people with a good behavior instructed by the holy verses of Quran and hadith of the holy prophet.
None of the government officials, belonging to the ministry, has been reported to have treated ill with peopel nationwide.
Let’s have a country full of Islamic sharia teachings and merciful Islamic Emirate personnel.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.