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‘Hassan’; new Afghan movie to be soon screened

Cinematography is the 7th art in the world and narrates the ground realities of the society as live.
Recently, Rasool Aiman wrote the scenario of a new film in the name of ‘Hassan’ that would be screened in cinema in upcoming Wednesday.
Rasool Aiman in the connection said to The Kabul Times that so far, he played role in different 16 films.
One of these films is in the name of “Inteqam” means “revenge” that prepared within three days.
Aiman added that considering his interest to the art of cinema, he referred to Afghan-film department and played short roles in the films.
He said that when he played role in the film of “Hamsaffar” or (Fellow traveler), his interest to film making increased.
“Then, in collaboration with Massoud Hashemi, I produced a film in the name of “Berbaad Rafta”, the best actor in making this film was Ghafar Qutbyar.”
This film was candidated in the festivals of Tolo from scenario point of view that among 56 films was recognized as the best one of the year. This itself was an achievement for me in the art of cinematography.
Aiman continued that his this artistic tour was continuing.
“I produced several other films and I played positive roles in them.
I worked jointly with Basir Mujahid in the film of “Dushman” (Enemy) and in the film of “FararAz Marg” with Salim Shaheen and in the near future the film of “Bazi” (Play) with Shuaib Jan and Ajmal Jan. the latter would come soon to Afghanistan.
“Ta WaBala” (ups and down) is the name of another film that is made in Russia. This film is directed by FaridAzim.
The “Aiman” film would be produced in Australia in the near future he added.”
According to Aiman, the film of “Khak Wa Marjan” is an Iranian one and “Kabul Express” is produced with cooperation of Indian cinematographers that he played role in it. But the film of “Hassan” is differerent from others.
“I expect this film to be welcomed more by our compatriots.”
He asserted that in Nov. 4th in the Hall of Frankfurt, the film of “Hassan” was screened. The hall was full of audience. Majority of them were Afghan refugees. This film is a matter of proud for me and my homeland, Afghanistan.
“Hassan” film narrates about today’s life of Afghans and their country. This film causes either laughter and cry and also narrates about special civility of cultural and social politenessæ said Aiman.
He went on to say that “Hassan” film has its own effectiveness and again focuses towards the country, its political, social and cultural situations and strengthens unity among compatriots and has much words for saying about people’s miserable life, their children who are engaging in hard works in open air in cold winter and hot days of summer.
In short, the “Hassan” film reflects the ground realities of Afghan society within war years.
This film also draws a hopeful tomorrow picture that finally the truth succeed over wrong.

The enemies would defeat and the people to reach to their holy and righteous ideals.
In connection with the scenario of “Hassan” film and cinematographers play role in it, Aiman stated that this film covers, 16 months in and abroad and the scenarist, producer and actor of “Husson” film is myself.
“In central roles I had worked and Lina Alam, Anwar Reza Zada, Aabbas Shuban, Sehar Yousufzai and Sakina Aqlipak were other actors and actresses of the film.”
In regard with music of film, Aiman said that the music of this film is new completely, Ghezal Enayat, Ahmad Fanoos and Arian Sang the songs.
This film covers two hours.
After screening in Virginia, California, Canada and Europe, this film would be screened in Jadi, 5th in family cinema of Kahkashan, Kabul as well.
Aiman continued that fortunately this film was further welcomed by the people of Afghanistan. Because, it touched upon what is going on in this country.
If the expenditure be gained, Iman would work on his new film.
This is in a time that since long, films are produced in Afghanistan for international festivals and documentary ones and also according to taste of foreign media.
“It is hoped with inspecting of this film, our compatriots to share their considerations so that the foreign films to be replaced by Afghan ones.”
Karima Malikzada

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