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Harmony, consensus needed for realization of durable peace

Within recent days, president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani held a series of meetings with leaders of parties, dignitaries, tribal elders, incharges of social and civil institutions as well as with some witnesses in domestic affairs in connection with establishment of peace in the country.
What are reflected in media, these meetings despite providing necessary facilities for beginning of peace negotiations and formation of peace consultative board, expectations are pinned that with establishment of the latter the efforts for organizing of part of peace negotiations would enter into new phase and to drive faster.
During meeting with head and members of High Peace Council with promising that peace consultative board would be established, president Ghani said that this board is not parallel with the council and added that our discussions and consultations are taken place for taking preparedness for intra-Afghan negotiations.
At the same time, during meeting with representatives of country-wide Sunni Hazaras, the president has said that durable and honorable peace is the important demand of the people of Afghanistan and in coordination and cooperation of people the government regards reaching to it as its basic requirement and responsibility.
The president emphatically suggested the aim behind establishment of peace consultative board is taking preparedness for peace negotiation and providing a unique side and certain address for intra-Afghan negotiation.
As it is mentioned the aim behind these meetings is establishment of harmony and consensus among all those addresses inside of the country that are making effort for realization of peace in the country, the government wants to create a unique side and alignment and all political parties, civil institutions, political witnesses and tribal influential figures etc. to reach into one point in connection with continuation of effort for realization of peace in the country.
All determinations be knotted in this respect and these efforts be pursued from one pivot and unique side as well as, the consensus of thought and considerations be reflected.
The issue of peace is not only related to government and current problems are not belong to it, but all are grappling with current problems and challenges existed in various fields that stem from current war and violence that remained since decades to date.
It is necessary that for reaching to peace all should coordinate their efforts with government and for enhancement of effectiveness of these efforts all should cooperate each other.
Political parties, civil and people’s institutions, witnesses and trible dignitaries can cooperate government in continuation of effort for realization of peace in the country.
Giving useful consultation and forbidding from violence and ending of current war, they can play constructive role.
Those our countrymen who had come under the influence of aliens’ propagation should be understood that war and violence should be ended and peace and stability be maintained in our war-torn country.
Harmony and consensus for understanding and coordination and cooperation of all political and representatives of civil institutions, witnesses and influentials are precondition for beginning of peace negotiation and in this respect all should be homophonic and make effort for paving the way for peace and help government in this aspiration.
All addresses in the regional and in the world who are helping Afghans in their goal and wanted to provide facilities in the connection should become homophonic and try the problems be ended as soon as possible and peace and security be maintained in Afghanistan.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.