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Handwritten Holy Quran handed over to MoIC

KABUL: At the presence of the acting minister of information and culture, Hasina Safi, five handwritten holy Quran have been submitted by a representative of the national directorate for security to the National Archive of Afghanistan, BNA reported the other day.
While handing over the Holy Quran old manuscript, the representative said they have been seized from smugglers planning to take them abroad from the Maidan Wardak province, the agency said.
Speaking on the occasion, Minister Safi thanked the national security directorate for returning the manuscripts, said that not only the ministry of information and culture and the country’s security forces, but also the entire people of Afghanistan have responsibility in protection of these assets.
According to another report, the acting minister also met with the members of the Paiwand 34 Cultural and Art Foundation.
According to the Bakhtar News Agency (BNA), the members have come from Herat, Balkh, Kandahar, Bamyan, Ghor and Nangarhar on Saturday.
At the meeting, the country’s minister of information and culture shared information about the art festival expected to be held to appreciate the art elites in Kabul, the agency added. The meeting members also exchanged views over the problems faced by the theater, cinema and music and other fields in the provinces, with the minister promising for needed cooperation in this field.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.