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Greenery & sapling plantation responsibility of all

Through the teachings of Islam, numerous environmental sustainability elements are mentioned in different chapters of the Holy Quran and a lot in the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
In Islam, the relationship between mankind and environment is well guided because of the thought of the person as an overseer of Earth. The substantial proof given by the Holy Quran is a sign that the earth is a vital defended component for future sustenance of the upcoming generations and certainly a secure place to sustain. The immediate destruction of human habitat is nothing but a dilemma of beliefs.
Muslims and mankind as a whole have been directed to keep the environment safe and sound rather than damage it. Consequently, an Islamic approach to a sustainable green life involves living in peace and harmony. Hence, respecting the law of nature and all its components is a responsibility of every Muslim, who by definition has submitted himself/herself, body and soul, to the Creator.
Unfortunately, after imposed wars on Afghanistan, the culture of planting saplings has faded in the country, particularly in Kabul, capital city of the country. Nevertheless, with recent continued efforts of Kabul municipality, thousands of saplings have been planted in various parts of the city. It should not be forgotten that all have the responsibility to take part in greenery and planting saplings in our city.
A Kabul resident Zia Ahmad in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent by pointing to protection of the environment says wherever we live it is needed to make effort to take part in greenery and cleanliness of the environment.
“We should give hands to each other and take part in planting saplings to make our environment green,” Zia Ahmad stressed, adding that it’s the responsibility of all of us to protect the planted saplings and water them time by time.
Promoting the culture of planting saplings and working for the greenery of the city will further make the nature and environment clean. As our country has lots of water with proper climate and land, it is needed to pay particularly attention to planting more saplings for a green environment.
Currently, all responsibility of planting saplings and greenery of the city lies on the shoulder of Kabul municipality, while it’s the responsibility of each and every individual to take part in greenery and give hands to the municipality, so that we have a clean and green city.
Characteristically, in urban life, planting saplings and greenery is considered as a significant social responsibility. Unfortunately, the people of our country have recently ignored taking this responsibility and shown no enthusiasm in greenery of their cities.
Now, it’s time that the country’s media and educational institutions take steps to spread the importance of green and clean environment, so that the people themselves take part in this social work.
It is worth mentioning that Kabul municipality as a responsible organ has made continued effort to plant thousands of saplings and taken necessary steps towards the protection of green sites of the city and has always prevented the destruction of green sites.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.