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Great Ulama gathering helpful for Afghanistan future

There is no doubt that during the last 44 years and during the former Soviet Union invasion of our country, other foreign interventions, and later the widespread Western invasion, the nation’s resolute majority has been behind Afghans resistance and holy war and role of Ulama, scholars and Islam-loving figures has been clearer in fighting the invaders and they have given lots of sacrifices for their people and country.
That is why, after the occupation and the overthrown of the so-called regime supported by the foreigners, there was an urgent need for holding a great gathering of scholars and other religious figures from across the country so that they could clear declare their common position in an open environment, offer necessary and important recommendation and priorities to the Afghan people and show the nation that from now on, national policies will be made based on their religious, national values, national interests and key priorities and without any foreign pressures and financial corruption as well as no foreign suggestion or recommendation will be exercised.
Fortunately, an unprecedented three-day great gathering of over 4,500 scholars, tribal elders and dignitaries from all across the country has now ended in a very cordial, well-disciplined and sincere manner without any pressures or bribery. The participants have unanimously issued a resolution.
After the great gathering, it is the responsibility and obligation of the people of Afghanistan to fully trust in their Islamic system and independence as all laws, verdicts and policies have been approved by the country’s ulama and dignitaries; therefore, they should consider each position of the Islamic system as beneficial to the country. It would be irrational for anyone if raises unnecessary doubts about the IEA’s domestic and foreign policy and put the people in trouble.
Besides, the authorities and those responsible are also obliged to not ignore the wise and helpful recommendations of scholars and dignitaries who had come to the great gathering from across the country and do implement their suggestions with full determination. It is now imperative for the IEA leaders and juniors to take note of each criticism, concern and suggestion made by the participants of this great ulama gathering, particularly the points and demands that have been clearly stated in the resolution.
For example, maintaining security, attention to minorities, providing proper environment for women’s education, efforts towards development of modern and vocational education in the country, finding appropriate ways for economic prosperity and thus saving the countrymen from poverty and foreign dependency and making the country self-sufficient, as well as other reasonable demands that will surely ensure and guarantee the Islamic system’s continuation and save our oppressed nation from further devastation and misery.
To summarize, all recommendations, concerns and suggestions offered at this great gathering of scholars can undoubtedly guarantee the success and prosperity of the entire country and the nation, and nobody should ignore them and all particularly the IEA authorities should be implement them with full determination.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.