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Govt’s current structure should be protected

The NSA Hamdullah Muhib has written in his twitter page that no country will be allowed to discuss or decide on change of structures of Afghanistan system which has been created based on constitution.
Quoting western media, some Afghan media have reported that during the meeting of US Department of State special envoy with Taliban and representatives of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan in Abu Dhabi discussion took place on a time table of foreign troops withdrawal from Afghanistan and formation of an interim government with the participation of Taliban and present system.
Although later this issue was denied by US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad. Talking to a local TV, he said that such a discussion has actually not taken place.
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid also told the media that formation of an interim government has never been discussed between this group and US DS special envoy.
Nevertheless, discussion of this issue causes concerns of public opinion in Afghanistan. This issue is adaptable with none of the recognized principles and rules.
Because current Afghan system and government is the result of vote and opinion of unanimous majority of our citizens which has been created according to our constitution approved by constitutional Loya Jirga and has been nationally and internationally recognized as the legal and legitimate system of Afghanistan.
Based on the decision of this government the Afghan people attend election and large number of citizens representing all ethnic groups have been serving with the framework of this system.
The sons of the Afghan people have been involved day and night in the framework of ANSDF in protection of their trenches. All countries of the world, international organizations, the UN have officially recognized it as the only legal and legitimate representative of Afghan people, and have established full diplomatic relations with it and have set up their missions in its territory.
At present, the existence of current system is the actor of our national sovereignty, guardian of territorial integrity and guarantor of our political independence, stability and security in the country.
In lack of this system, Afghanistan would certainly be sunk in such a disastrous and devastating crisis that causes it to return to pre-2001 conflicting years, wars, bloodletting and devastation would be resumed and no country would be safe and secure from its unimagined consequences, neither the world manage to hartel its outcomes and all the world would be damaged from its results.
So the government body in Afghanistan is the result of joint efforts of Afghan people and the international partners in the last over one and half decade of countless sacrifices, so thinking on its change or ignoring is indeed wasting of all those unique humanitarian and material investments.
Beside that deciding on the system and its concerned bodies relates to Afghan people and authorized bodies. Afghanistan is an independent country with national sovereignty and territorial integrity. And no foreign country is allowed and authorized to decide on this issue.
Implementation of peace and end of war is the desire of Afghan people and every Afghan counts moment to achieve peace and conclude violence and conflict and the Afghan people would never be satisfied to lose this system which is the outcome of their endless devotions. The people never want to witness a new round of wars and devastating crisis.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.