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Govt. yet to address Khair Khwah market damages

Over one month ago, a devastating fire on the evening of Nov 2nddestroyed dozens shops in Khair Khaw market.
Ahmad is one of the affected shopkeepers who claims that he has suffered a damage of $30000 and the government has been loyal and committed to none of its promises.
From the outside, the market is the same as it was one day after the fire. Broken windows can be seen still, wreck and burnt windows are still hanging from the walls of the market, burn and smoke cover signs are still be seen, but in the 2th floor of the market, a slight change can be seen. I pass over the debris to the second floor, repairing has started and is going on. Here and their something have been put for selling.
Nasir another shopkeeper who has sustained a damage of $ 700000 as a result of Nov devastating fire, looks nervous due to disloyalty of the government to its commitment.
He said, the government has not only not cooperated them but has prevented them to repair their shops.
The shopkeepers of this market have started rebuilding of their shops but it seems that the rebuilding is unfading and everything has been suspended. Some shops have been slightly rebuilt but left uncompleted. On four sides of the market, police forces have been stationed and patrolling. Nasir claims that, since three days police doesn’t allow them to resume their shops rebuilding.
Before the Nov 2th devastating fire, nearly 4000 people were working there but since one month all these people who were the only breadwinners to their families, are unemployed and uncertained.
We will stage demonstrations:
Representative of Khair Khaw market shopkeepers said that despite of their repeated reference to concerned authorities, they have not taken practical steps to materials their promises. Mohammad Aqa Nasari who is one of the damaged shopkeepers and as a result of fire, has sustained $ 600000 damage, added that they have collected $500 from each damaged shopkeeper to rebuild the shops and plan to stage demonstration this week, and their reaction would be supported by all national traders from allovers the country. Chairman of Afghanistan Electronics Businessman Union, Mohammad Ibrahim Rassoli said, totally 838 shops took fire in this market. We met several times with one of the presidential advisors on this problem and the government has asked the damaged shopkeepers to suggest a plan on the issue. The damaged shopkeepers said that they have suggested three plans but received on clear response on acceptance or rejection of those plans.
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