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Govt should undertake programs for addicts’ treatment

A number of compatriots ask the government to collect addicts from different parts of the city and send them to treatment centers.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Fawad a resident of Kabul said, increase of addicts number has caused people concern and it is hope that the government specially the MoPH would provide ground of their collection and transferring to treatment centers under a systematic program.
This program was started since the beginning of current year (1397) and a number of addicts were picked up in Mirwais Maidan, Pul-e-Sokhta, Darul Aman and Dehmazang and sent to Iben-e-Sina addicts treatment hospital. Among these, there are even people who had already been treated but resumed addiction. This time nearly 400 addicts were collected.
Talking on addicts treatment, the head of addicts one thousands beds treatment center, DrZalmai Noorzai Ghori clarified that addicts treatment covers three stages.
He added, before the addicts treatment took three months but now we treat them in 45 days. First the addicts are detoxicated under our specialists.
An official of the MoCN Naser Sharifi believes that re-addiction or relapse is not due to problem in treatment but according to him easy access of treated addicts to drugs and lack of an effective program after treatment cause their re-addiction or relapse.
He added, the demand reduction policy has been reviewed and is at its final stage and then it would be implemented that is expected to reduce to level of relapse.
According to the MoPH, every year about 40000 addicts are being treated in addicts treatment centers in Afghanistan.The addicts often use drugs on public places like roadside and pavements that causes urban, social problem and attracts the youth attention.
At the same time, CE Abdullah says that poppy cultivation has reduced than the past year. Requesting international cooperation for prohibition of poppy cultivation and drugs production in Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah said prior to this he has suggested a number of plans and programs for prevention of poppy cultivation to security council but no attention was paid to them and have not been included its agenda yet.
According to findings of a new survey conducted in 1397, this year 263000 hectar lands were poppy cultivated that comparing 1396, shows 20 pc reduction.
But drought has been addressed as the main reason of reduction of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan that beside poppy growing, has affected other agricultural products too.
Talking to media, former deputy MoCN Ibrahim Azhar said, for elimination of poppy cultivation and drugs production, reliable security should be restored and this phenomenon must be prevented.
He added, the government should focus on needs of people and farmers and improve their families economic situations. The government should pave the way of legal cultivation and marketing of their agricultural products.
Shukria Kohistani

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