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Govt. has taken positive steps towards eradication of violence against women

Woman being kidnapped and abused

Now, violence against women is considered as a problem in the country and its eradication requires cooperation, coordination and joint effort.
If we judge equitably, the government always makes effort in constitutionalization of women suitable participation in construction of government considering the ground reality ruling in the country and also endeavors to reduce violence against this segment of the society.
Some reformative measures adopted in some fields to support women of the country are as follow:
Role and right of women are enshrined in constitution of the country and other laws of government of Afghanistan are: forbidding of violence against women, regulation of forbidding from annoying of women and affirmation of establishment of women supportive centers and eye-catching of their presence in three powers of government such as parliament, judicial system and increasing of their presence in related organs of high peace council, the committees of fact-finding, in the state of emergency and other government organs concerned and civil society institution, are indicator of government attention in the connection.
As a result of government attention, the high commission of forbidding violence against women is established few years before to maintain cooperation and coordination in implementation of strategy, policies and plans, belong to forbidding of violence and additionally, provincial commissions of forbidding violence against women heading by governors, ministry of women affairs along with legal branches and their supportive centers in capital and provinces, the criminal police of supportive centers, gender units press society and media show the government important measures for support from important strategies to reduce violence against women.
So, for changing of opinion of society in connection with women in the sector of economic development and self-sufficiency that took place for their non-dependency, serious measures have been done with establishment of local and simple markets so that they access to self-sufficiency.
Likewise, in the section of women education, promotion of the level of their awareness before their role and rights, access to justice that is part of priorities have been done.
In a campaign that would continue for 16 days, would demand from spiritual figures that are fighting in forefronts of campaign against violence to raise their voice via pulpits, mosques and takias to the people. Similarly, media that have important role in enlightenment towards eradication of violence against women have done their responsibility in this respect.
The National Unity Government, Parliament, ministries of Haj and Endowment, interior affairs, judicial courts, civil society institutions, all of them defend and support from sanctity and honor of women of Afghanistan.
Lets to join hand in the rows of this vast national campaign and experience understanding, convergence and coordination and say “No” to violence.
The violence against women regarded as a phenomenon stems from petrifaction and fanaticism and campaign against it that need joint making-culture and on the other lack of economic prosperity, poverty and unemployment, illiteracy, addiction and lack of necessary creational ground, continuation of long disputes and existing of extremism thoughts by opponent groups of government are the main factors behind increment of violence against women.
Despite efforts made by government within recent decade and that of women rights advocates institutions for culture-making and eradication of violence against women, there is along way.
Stoning of young girls and their whipping are another samples of violence against women.
The government is making effort to constitutionalize in the society the culture of respect to mother, sister and chastity that are from among religious teachings, with laying emphasize on being of government committed for promotion of level of awareness of masses towards the issue of violence beside women rights activists, the legal and cultural centers, as well as the advocates institution of women rights were demanded via suitable educational and worthiness roadmaps make eternal the culture of respect to women rights as a fundamental culture of collective life in the minds of society. Because, if this culture not to be rehabilitated, the phenomenon of violence should not be eradicated through force, violence and money. Violence is a pronounced phenomenon and they are women that train humanity. So, the prestige and their peaceful mind is an important issue.

Lailuma Noori

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