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Govt. committed to protect civilians: NSC

KABUL: Afghanistan National Security Council (NSC) reviewed the UN report on civilian casualties released on Sunday and said it would start investigation in this regard, NSA said in a press statement.
The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have always did their best to prevent civilian casualties during military operations and the issue has always been stressed and chased, the statement further said.
To deceive the public minds, Taliban have always claimed they will prevent civilian casualties, but the mentioned report suggests that the group and other terrorist functions have never cared about the issue.
The enemy is making effort to create horror and fear among the people, that is why they have always used public places including masjids as their shelter, a move has caused to rise civilian casualties, the statement went on to say.
The terrorist functions even don’t care about their children and women and use them as shield, the statement continued.
NSC said we assured our countrymen that we are working on some plans to change the war strategy in a bid to identify and suppress the enemy on one hand and decrease civilian casualties on the other.
NSC said we also assured our dear people to thoroughly and seriously start investigation on any incident that claims civilians’ lives.
Afghans have always supported and cooperated with their security forces and these forces do their best to safeguard territorial integrity and people’s lives and honor.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.