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Government accountability helps win nation’s trust

When a government transparently use budget, work for the development of the country, have good achievement and share reports about what they had done as their duty and remain accountable for the nation, they will incredibly win the people’s trust. On the other hand, the sovereignty and management of affairs is also called responsibility and it is impossible to do it properly without competence and trust. All employees, working in any government agency, should have these two characteristics as the two should be taken into consideration during employment. Eligibility means that the official should be able to carry out the assigned duties and have the knowledge of doing so, and trust means that the official should not betray the rights and wealth of the nation and avoid corruption, fraud and any other type of crime. Those nations will soon reach the heights of development, happiness and good life as their affairs are carried by honest, competent and trustworthy officials. It is not enough to be knowledgeable about work or just to be trustworthy. For the past two years, the Islamic Emirate has taken affairs of the Afghan nation and has made good achievements in many areas, although there are some shortcomings, but it is hoped that with the passage of time, these shortcomings will also be eliminated and Afghanistan will compete with the countries of the world and the region in political, economic and educational fields. Like last year, the ministries, directorates and other institutions of the Islamic Emirate have started the Government Accountability Program to the Nation on a regular basis, and the other day, in the opening meeting, the Head of the Office of the Prime Minister requested all government organizations to share factual information about their activities with the nation through the media. A positive point of the accountability program is that officials of ministries and other government institutions not only share their positive achievements and successes with the nation through the media but also share the cases that their ministry or institution has failed to do or is facing problems in doing. The accountability program to the nation plays a key role in the fight against corruption, transparency and recognition of problems and shortcomings in government institutions. Accountability to the nation is the main principle of good governance, and the Islamic Emirate should do more work in this area. In addition to the annual accounting process, special attention should also be paid to the stabilization and monitoring of the assets of government officials. With such positive steps, not only corruption can be prevented, but it also increases people’s trust and confidence in the government and creates links between the nation and the government. This step of the Islamic Emirate shows that the government is fully responsible, committed and it considers the government treasury not private property, but the wealth of the nation, and it shares the incomes and expenses with the nation. Also, the Islamic Emirate listens to the legitimate demands and advices of the nation, and gives them the right to question and criticize. But, some media’s negative comments are false and propaganda against the Islamic system. In short, the accountability program to the nation is an important step and will have a good effect on building trust between the government and the nation. This and other similar activities that bring the nation and the government closer together and increase the nation’s trust in the government should be increased and more attention should also be paid to the accuracy so that our progress is accelerated and lasting prosperity should be maintained

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.