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Goods worth $759mln exported abroad, says MoIC

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce reported that in the first six months of the current solar year, they had exported goods worth $759 million to foreign countries. The statistics provided by the ministry show that exports to Pakistan amounted to $379 million, to India $241 million, to Kazakhstan $20 million, to the United Arab Emirates $18 million, and to China $12.5 million. The spokesperson for the ministry, Abdul Salam Jawad, emphasized that exports this year have seen a slight de crease compared to the previous year, and the majority of export items include coal, cotton, textiles, fresh fruits, and vegetables. “The significant export items include coal, cotton, textiles, raisins, grapes, sesame, green cumin, and apricots, while the major import items are cotton fabrics, petroleum products, liquefied gas, motorcycle spare parts, wheat, and cement,” Jawad said. Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce and Investment believes that the blockage of trade routes and the continued reduction in coal exports from the country have contributed to the decrease in exports. “One major reason for the decrease in exports is that last year, coal exports were very high, but this year they have decreased, and Pakistan has turned to South Africa for coal imports,” said Mohammad Yousef Momand, the First Deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment. Furthermore, some traders believe that in order to increase goodwill with regional and global countries, more facilitations should be provided to them. “We expect the Islamic Emirate to fundamentally address the issues with Pakistan so that our exports can increase in the future,” said Zulmai Azeemi, a merchant. It comes as in the year 1401 (solar calendar), goods worth $2 billion were exported from the country, with the majority of exports going to Pakistan. S.Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.