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Good neighborhood key to development

Prisoners extradition has reportedly been agreed by two neighboring countries; Afghanistan and Iran, as according to reports, the Attorney  General of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), Mawlavi Shamsuddin Shariati met with the Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan Sayed Hassan Murtazavi the other day. In the meeting held here in Kabul, both sides discussed the extradition of prisoners and improving relations between the two Muslim and neighboring countries. The country’s Attorney General said Afghanistan wanted a good and improved relations with Iran and that his country was following up the demands of Iran and was attentive regarding its importance. In response to the Iranian authorities move to release the Afghans, the Islamic Emirate would also start the process of extraditing Iranian prisoners. Likewise, the Iranian ambassador called the follow-up of the Afghan prisoners’ cases, was one of the most important issues for Tehran and promised their cases would be wrapped up as soon as possible to pave the way for their extradition. It is obvious that the recent visit of the high delegation of the Islamic Emirate led by the Attorney General of the country to Iran, to sign the agreements, was a step forward towards the resolution of legal issues between the two countries and some legal problems, both countries citizens were facing. During its visit to Iran, the delegation inquired after the condition of the Afghan prisoners in the neighboring country. Both the Islamic Emirate and the people of Afghanistan praise the neighboring country’s good well and efforts to release Afghan prisoners, as the Islamic Emirate would take similar measures to release Iranian prisoners, a move that would help both Islamic countries tighten relationships and brotherhood with each other. But, such activity should continue and the Afghan prisoners’ cases in the neighboring country, should be assessed duly and measures for the release of the remaining should be made. Thousands of Afghans are currently living in the neighboring Iran. However, hundreds of them returned home recently and resumed their lives peacefully in their country. Afghanistan and Iran have close Islamic and cultural relations and both countries with high capacities, can solve any possible disagreements easily. Issues relating to the mass departure of the Afghans to the neighboring country, the issue relating to water-right and others will not affect the strong relations between the two brother countries. Both the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran should not spare any efforts to settle their problems permanently on their own and do not let malicious groups to interfere and deteriorate their relations.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.