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Good interaction with nation prolongs government’s lifespan

Positive interaction with the people undoubtedly plays a crucial role in ensuring the survival and longevity of the ruling government and strengthening the foundations for the continuity of systems. In the past, governments, ethics, and good behavior with the people didn’t exist entirely, and the people would complain about their inappropriate attitudes toward the people. During the republic regime, ethics were completely demolished, and all things were dependent on materials and power. At that time, the island of power manifested tyranny, and anyone was ruling through their weapons. There was no concept of sound governance ethics or interaction with the people whatsoever. Each commander and warlord had several bodyguards and security personnel, and through them, they would get extortion and any individual seeking their interest under the pretext of republic government in Afghanistan. The lack of disorder and ethics had contributed to the distancing of government from the nation, which led the previous governments to lose their popularity among the people. Finally, they were destined for humiliating defeat and permanent overthrow. People were committing atrocities, and immorality had spread across the country. Civilians were suffering injustice and aggression nationwide as irresponsible armed individuals, without accountability, were ruthlessly oppressed. They violated the rights of the people in every corner of the country and were engaged in harassment and torturing the people around the clock. This was identified as one of the significant factors contributing to the short lifespan of past governments, especially during the republic era. Today, with the Islamic Emirate and the legitimate system substituting the American republic government, it is obliged for the government officials and system to wholeheartedly arm themselves with ethical principles and morality and adhere to the Sharia law so that they can be placed in the heart of the suppressed nation. The Afghan people assisted the mujahidin in the most challenging situations. They cooperated with the IEA in Jihad and stood in harmony with the heroic mujahidin in defeating the global superpower. Therefore, the government is required to behave and interact well with the nation since they stood alongside the mujahidin, accepting great efforts for the revival of the Islamic system, implementing Islam, and raising the flag of honor and freedom. So, the assistance of the nation and Allah’s support contributed to the victory of the mujahidin, and the enemies of Islam and Afghanistan were vanquished. Also, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate issued a decree about good interaction between the government and the nation emphasized cooperation during the Jihad should not be forgotten to lead the people to support their government more than ever and contribute to its continuity and survival. Therefore, the IEA is obliged to behave well with the mujahid, heroic, and martyrdom-loving people, interacting with them warmly. This leads the nation to be satisfied with the government and support it in implementing the applicable laws, addressing the challenges and ensuring its longevity

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.