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Global cooperation key to fight terrorism

Spotlighting terrorism as one of today’s greatest challenges, Heads of State and other Government officials outlined their vision for combating that phenomenon — including through stronger international cooperation and efforts to address its root causes.

Addressing the 18th Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement in Baku on Friday, President Ghani said the threat of terrorism requires a different type of coordination and coordination.  “We must act on the basis of the Bandung Principles. The threat of terrorism requires a different type of coordination. Solving another problem, which is environmental changes, requires political will,” the president said.

Hinting about Afghanistan, President Ghani said that the country is fully committed to peace and he does not want its territory to be used for the transit of illegal goods. “We offer peace even to the Taliban. We ourselves are responsible for our security,” the president said.

Afghans are being victimized on daily basis in war on terror, as the terrorists sparing no efforts to target combatant and non-combatants across the country. The Afghan people blaming Taliban for providing the ground for activities of the terrorist outfits in the country.

Afghan leaders have time and again called upon the world and regional countries in particular to join hands in war on terror, as militancy threatening not only the security of the region, but the whole world. The repeated calls have been welcomed widely, but no tangible steps taken to uproot terror in the region.

The multi-lateral approach and the joint efforts of the world superpowers and regional countries, particularly US, Russia, Pakistan, China, Iran and India, which have recently been damaged by the Terrorism, are the most effective way to fight terrorism; The multi-dimensional approach will synchronize regional actors, reduce the cost of combating terrorism, reduce the interferences of foreigners in the region, and remove the roots of the terrorist groups.

Millions of citizens of these countries are the victims of either displaced or killed by this wretched phenomenon. The governments of the region have undertaken high costs with holding unilateral approach to counter terrorism, but the result of these efforts is not promising.

The most effective way to deal with terrorism in the region is to unite the countries of the region, especially the powerful actors, to take a multilateral approach in their foreign policy cooperating with the war on terror, in order to achieve a credible outcome.

These countries should also give up dual policies and help in freezing the financial sources of the terrorist groups, denying their safe havens and taking tangible and joint steps against the militants.  

Using all means of pressures against terrorist supporting countries, they can root out the terrorism and establish a safe and secure area benefiting all countries and ensuring the integrity and stability of the region provides a comprehensive development ground for the interests of all regional countries, while war and conflicts will threaten the interests all nations.

Uprooting terror would facilitate enhanced regional connectivity and trade and would help develop the fragile economies.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.